Securus Technologies is Playing a Major Role in Crime Prevention

As one of the most successful providers of criminal justice technology, it comes as no surprise that Securus Technologies is receiving praise from their customers. In a recent publication, Securus released customer comments and reviews related to use of technology to solve and prevent crime. These services, provided by Securus Technologies, vary from monitored telephone calls and inmate email accounts, data reporting tools and, investigative tools and software. Prison officials say that the use of these services have significantly increased the safety within their facilities by making it easier to prevent and solve inmate on inmate crimes. Several customers cited the use of information obtained during recorded phone calls as significant factors in crime prevention, with some leading to the exposure of corrupt staff members.


Having the ability to monitor and record inmate and staff communication is vital in order to maintain a safe environment within the prison walls. With the help of Securus Technologies, corrections facilities are able to quickly track and intercept crimes before they occur, and rid the facility of staff members with ill intent.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the innovative company stretches its arms well beyond the lone star state. The variety of security features and software offered through Securus Technologies makes them one of the most trusted and sought out providers in corrections communication and technology. Currently servicing more than 3,400 public safety and law enforcement agencies, they are one of the largest and most reputable providers in the United States.


Richard Smith Steers Securus Technologies to Win the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Securus Technologies received the finalist honors for the 2017 Stevie Awards for sales and customer relations after shrugging off competition from over 2,300 nominations. This is quite an achievement bearing in mind that Securus deals with civil and criminal justice tech solutions that put it in constant partnership with investigators, law enforcers and correctional facilities.

The Stevie Award is testimony to Richard Smith’s efforts since he joined the company back in 2008. Securus Technologies has cemented its position as a reputable service provider who not only offers resilient solutions to law enforcers but is also that vital link between inmates and the outside world.

To Mr Smith, every inmate deserves a chance to talk to family or loved ones whenever they please. They are also eligible to great service at the cafeteria and be kept safe from malicious inmates. This philosophy resonates in all Securus Technologies solutions.

A recent survey conducted to have stakeholders share their views on incarceration facility technological solutions also proves that Rick Smith, and Securus Technologies, is more interested in making law enforcement and correctional facilities a safer place for everyone. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

About Richard Smith

Richard Smith is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester. Before this, he attained his Bachelor’s in Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His engineering background coupled with the MBA make him the perfect leadership material for technology based agencies like Securus. His strong character and the bravery to speak out whenever need there be has made him the perfect CEO who will go to the extremest but acceptable ends to protect the reputation of the company under his care in this otherwise volatile niche.

He has been the president and Chief Executive Office at Securus Technologies Inc for over 8 years now. Before working at Securus, Rick was the Eschelon Telecom President and Coo and he also holds a board membership position at Integra Telecom Co Ltd. His vast experience has made him the perfect person to stay at the very top of Securus Technology, a company that offers technological solutions to correctional facilities across the nation.


Doe Deere Interview Recap

Russian-born beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. In a 2015 interview with IdeaMensch, Deere talked about Lime Crime’s philosophy that cosmetics can empower their wearers to express themselves. Read interview here:


Deere emigrated from Russia to New York when she was 17. Initially, she wanted to be a musician. She started selling her handmade fashions on eBay in 2004, developing her eye for violently colorful styles. But Deere had a hard time finding the right cosmetics to go with her fashion stylings. In 2008, Deere launched Lime Crime’s line of vivid, imaginative cosmetics. All of her products were, and are, cruelty-free.


Self-Made Magazine has since named Doe Deere as one of its Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She made the cover of the magazine alongside such self-made women as Ariana Huffington and Suze Orman. Deere told Galore Magazine it felt “surreal” but “good” to receive the honor.


As someone who started from a small, home-based business, she makes it her mission to support other women-owned small businesses. She’s a much-sought-after speaker at conferences, where she encourages others to follow their business dreams, and she loves to mentor other women looking to found their own companies.


“Trust your gut,” Deere told IdeaMensch when asked about her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Asked if she would do anything differently if she had to do it all over again, Deere said she would start earlier.


Deere also stressed the importance of approaching her business colleagues with respect and love. Her business philosophy includes reminding herself that every member of the team wants to be appreciated. In her 21st-century business model, leading the company means working with chemists to help develop her products and trying each one personally before adding it to her product line.


Lime Crime’s fans are called Unicorns. Deere enjoys the fanciful label, explaining how it expresses the individuality of the patrons of her company’s brightly colored offerings. Unicorns regularly follow Deere’s latest styles on her popular Instagram account.


Extending her cruelty-free philosophy to her approach to charitable giving, Deere’s favorite cause is a no-kill animal shelter for cats and dogs. Her love of animals even runs into her personal life. Deere is a proud cat-mom of three, including two rescues.


The changes that are happening at Innovacare with Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The healthcare system in Puerto Rico was very different before Innovacare got to the scene. Six years after they introduced their managed healthcare services, the patients are happy and the registration of new clients has been doubling every consecutive year. Most of the success of the company has come from the quality of the services that they offer their customers and also the leadership that is at the top of the company. The two people that are at the top of the leadership pile are Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Richard is the current CEO while Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer.

The Chief Administrative officer to the company, Penelope Kokkinides did an interview with Ideamensch about the current job and the practices that have helped her get to the level where she currently is. She stated that there are a few things that she believes in that have been the driving force for the success in the past. The first of the principles that have led to her success is making sure that each day she spends is unique and unlike any of the others. She adds that maintaining a level of activity throughout the day keeps the ideas flowing and that the freshness of the air is something that makes her mind tick. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

The other question that she was asked was how she manages to change abstract ideas into live concepts. She stated that her secret weapon in this area is the team that she has behind her. She added that the success that she is enjoying at a personal level and the success that Innovacare has seen in the past is the result of the team work that has been applied in all of the projects that they take on. She added that as a person who travels a lot, she has also learned the value of relying on technology to communicate. The beauty of instant communication is to that it makes it easier to organize and coordinate the activities of the entire team in the simplest ways.


Richard Shinto has a similar approach to leadership as that of Penelope. He has been working in the managed healthcare business for the past two decades. Other companies that he had worked with previously include MMM and Aventa Health. There was also a time when he was the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM. He studied at NYU before getting an MBA from the University of Redlands.

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Online Reputation Management Is Essential

Setting up online reputation management is crucial. It is always advisable to keep your reputation safe and protected from getting damaged. Once the damage has been done, it takes greater effort and more resources to address the matter. Prevention involves taking proactive steps to ensure that impending online threats and attacks are detected on time and removed.

Online reputation management companies have trained professionals who can handle this task for you. This means, you can have these professionals track and monitor conversations and posts about your company, allowing you to focus on other aspects of business. They can save you a great deal of time and efforts, giving you the peace of mind you need to work toward achieving the success you desire.

Also, it is a good idea to sign up with a reputation management firm right from start rather than wait until something has happened to tarnish your reputation. Keep in mind, there are malicious competitors and unhappy customers, who anytime may post negative information about you, ruining your image. What this does is it creates doubt in the mind of anyone who comes across your website or company name, and discourages them from dealing with you.

You need to hire online reputation management service once you start a business, and if you have not done so consider taking action right away. It’s a great way to establish an impressive reputation from the beginning and maintain that excellent reputation.

Taking proactive steps in reputation management will help you Brand Yourself, build your image, and improve your chances of attracting customers and growing your business. It has a lot to do with search engine optimization expertise provided by professionals. It can involve publishing great content in the form of blog posts, comments, articles, press releases, and social networking.

When you take proactive steps toward reputation management, you are protecting your brand image and building trust. A reliable online reputation management firm can keep your reputation protected, and also guide you in creating positive content in order to prevent any negative content from showing up in search engine results.

Brian Bonar Talks 2016 Financial Report For Trucept And Company’s Future

Brian Bonar had started TRUCEPT Inc. about four years ago as a subsidiary of his parent company, the Dalrada Financial Corporation and he’s pleased with the financial reports for the company in 2016 that have recently come out.

According to PRNewswire, Trucept had increased its net income profits over 500% since 2015 and had turned $3.8 million in 2016. Currently he is working to reduce tax and other liabilities for the company as well as cutting down basic operational expenses, a goal that the company itself has for its own customers.

Brian Bonar didn’t start out in cost reduction and financial structuring with Trucept. He’s managed the financing and technical aspects of many other companies since joining IBM UK back in 1968. After completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, Bonar went to work at IBM UK managing the distribution of motherboards and other critical hardware components to customers all over the globe.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar also was involved in software development and engineering for quality managed service products at QMS and later took the experience gained there to printer and copier hardware manufacturing. Bonar was also a pioneer in SCSI disk technology and while running Bezier Systems, the company developed a SCSI printer.

Brian Bonar’s executive work came when he helped found the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994, though at the time it was known as ITEC Imaging Technologies Inc. The company originally marketed and sold office equipment and printing hardware, but Bonar saw an opportunity to build upon that and not only sell or rent out the equipment to customers, but to also provide staffing solutions to go with it.

Outsourced staffing and human resource departments had been outsourced before, but Bonar decided to form specialized partnerships with small business owners that could provide them accesses to office resources while also giving them qualified workers. So he helped start SourceOne, the Solvis Group and later Smart-Tek Solutions to bring together automated technology with accounting functions.

Brian business resume also includes the purchase of several restaurants across San Diego County. Bonar loves tasty cuisines and loves to try quaint dishes from foreign countries, and he decided to add to the diversity of the areas bistros when he bought Bellamy’s in 2013.

Managing this upscale restaurant is Patrick Ponsaty, a cook who has won many awards and honorary titles including Master Chef of France and made appearances on television.

George Soros Work with the Roma People

George Soros was born in Hungary. Moving first to London before establishing himself in the United States, he is worth over $25.2 billion. He is using a great share of that money to improve lives for people around the world. One of the groups that has George Soros’ attention is the Roma. This ethnic group is the largest in Europe, and they face many special issues. It is the goal of the Open Society Foundation to allow this ethnic group to speak up for their rights.

One program that Soros has created to work with the Roma people is the European Roma Rights Centre. This international public interest law organization helps keep the plight of the Roma ethnic group in the forefront of people’s minds at all times. They help ensure that people are not discriminated against in housing, and they are free to move as they desire. The last decade has still seen Roma people forcibly removed from their homes in France, Bulgaria, and Italy. Finally, they make sure that others working on behalf of the Roma people group have access to the latest data. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Open Society Foundation has worked with the World Bank for over a decade to make sure that countries in Europe eliminate discrimination. They have also created the Roma Education Fund to make sure that children have the funds needed to go to school, and are not discriminated against in those schools. In the past, parents often received a letter saying that their child could not attend a regular school because they did not qualify, but they needed to be placed in a special school instead. Through the work of George Soros parents now know how to respond if they receive a letter.

George Soros has also created a special summer camp for Roma children called Barvalipe. At this camp, children are taught to be proud of their ethnicity, and they are taught how to be advocates for their own rights.


The Roma people are no longer invisible through the work of the Open Society Foundation. They are learning to speak up for themselves. Slowly, many programs with the Open Society Foundation for the Roma people are becoming run by people within this cultural group as they can more easily reach others within their culture.

Despite a decade of work, problems still remain. One of the largest areas of concern is adequate medical care. Drinking water is still not available in many of the ethnic communities. The work of the Open Society with the Roma people has now moved on to the Roma Initiative 2020 with Roma leaders more equipped to speak for themselves.

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The Tragic Death of Anton Yelchin


Sometimes, budding actors and actresses depart from us so quickly that it astonishes us. Such was the case with Anton Yelchin. Yelchin died at only 27 years old in an accident that no one can explain. A vehicle struck him in front of his home and pinned him to his security fence. The coroner confirmed that the incident caused his death by crushing his chest. All of Yelchin’s co-stars, friends and family members were almost speechless when they heard of his departure, and attended his celebrity funeral.



Yelchin’s figure-skating parents brought him to the U.S. at the young age of six months, and they just knew he was going to be an actor. He had his first role when he was nine years old, and his career exploded quickly. In 2006, he played the part of a real life kidnapped and murdered school kid in the movie “Alpha Dog.” Although he did movies before then, he started getting more frequent gigs after “Alpha Dog.” He appeared in movies such as “Star Trek,” “The Smurfs, “Fright Night,” “Terminator Salvation” and more. Yelchin was at the point where he was putting out five movies in one year at times. His fans will deeply miss him and will continue to be puzzled by his abrupt separation from them. Only God knows why his time came.



Yelchin’s family held a private service for him that consisted of only his closest family and friends. His family didn’t want to make the funeral a huge media event. Yelchin is currently resting at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in California.  With Star Trek he’s entered into one of the best movies of all time.

Betsy DeVos Proves to be a Force to Reckon within the Political and Philanthropic Circles

Betsy DeVos continues to be a role model for many women around the world. Through her many endeavors and engagements, she has shown that a woman can rise from the shadows of a well-renowned family, the DeVos family, as well as a wealthy husband, Dick DeVos. By doing so, Betsy has created a name for herself as an activist, politician, philanthropist and businesswoman as opposed to just being the wife of a billionaire. In fact, she is the current 11th United States Secretary of Education.

Early Life

Betsy DeVos or otherwise known as Elisabeth Prince, which is her birth name, was born on January 8, 1958. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince. More specifically, Edgar is known for establishing Prince Corporation, a Holland, Michigan-based automobile parts supplier. Her brother, Erik Prince, is a former Navy SEAL officer. Other than that, Erik is recognized as the founder of a private military services contractor known as Blackwater USA. Betsy attended high school at the Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan. She later pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Calvin College situated in the Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her involvement in politics started during her campus days. Additionally, Betsy was a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America while growing up.

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Political Roles and Fundraising

Since 1982, Betsy has been an active participant of the Michigan Republican Party. In fact, she boasts of a considerable level of experience as a local precinct delegate for the party after serving 16 consecutive two-year terms. Between 1992 and 1997, she served as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. This is in addition to serving as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party for about four years since 1996. In 2003, she ran again for the Michigan Republican Party chairman and won unopposed. Betsy has also proven to be a strong political fundraiser, especially for the Republican Party. Her effort to raise over $150000 to support the Bush re-election campaign in 2004 is testament enough. Additionally, Betsy DeVos was the host of a Republican fundraiser in October 2008 that was graced by the presence of President George W. Bush. Betsy also closely worked with the Bush administration for about two years. During this period, she served as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


Apart from being a businesswoman and active political activist, Betsy DeVos has displayed an altruistic spirit together with her husband, Dick DeVos. They take part in numerous charitable initiatives through their charitable foundation known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos family foundation. As a matter of fact, the DeVos family was ranked as #24 on 2015 Forbes list of America’s top givers. Most of the contributions go to art organizations, health research, hospitals, free-market think tanks, Christian schools among many others. Visit their foundation at

Cotemar Is A Socially Responsible Company

Cotemar firmly believes in its values. There are a lot of activities which are undertaken to strengthen the well-being of people as well as the community. They also take care of the environment. This way all their actions are consistent with their business ethics.



Cotemar works with transparency. There are honesty and professionalism here. Their work is based on the code of ethics. Their most important value is their people. Their human development efforts are designed to sum their talents that allow them to achieve success for their company.



At Cotemar, one can expect a healthy organizational climate to work in. There is total respect for human dignity. Cotemar has no discrimination, abuse, or harassment of any kind. There is no child labor in any of their operations.



Cotemar is totally committed to its community. They are promoting projects that are facilitating the access of vulnerable groups to opportunities leading to a better quality of life. The business ethics are incomplete without providing a social benefit.



There needs to be responsible marketing. This would mean developing a relationship of trust with the clients. This is achieved by offering high-quality services that can take care of the health as well as the safety of people.



For suppliers and stakeholders, Cotemar is an allied company. This is because they firmly believe in the sustainability of their business. Hence it is important to support this development of their chain of trust.



Respect for the environment can be clearly seen in all their operations. Clean technologies are used to carry out actions that can take care of the environment.



Cotemar can support its reputation through the strict fulfillment of all its commitments. This would mean commitments with their people, clients, as well as authorities besides the chain of trust. The legal and fiscal obligations need to be covered. There needs to be compliance with regulations.



The collaborators of Cotemar have to know and live their mission, vision as well as institutional values. This is required to become a part of the Cotemar Sustainability Scheme



The corporate ethics incorporate those guidelines which will ensure the transparency as well as values of their company. After all, Cotemar is a value that is based on an economic, social as well as environmental commitment. They foster the development of people as well as their families this way and promote value.

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