How Sussex Healthcare Can Help You Improve Your Health.

As an award-winning group of home care service, Sussex Healthcare has been in the healthcare industry for more than twenty-five years. The facility offers a wide variety of personalized wellbeing not limited to dementia care, care for the elderly, neurological care and PMLD care. The private firm located in the United Kingdom provides front-line services in the twenty sizable homes that they manage. Respective residents receive a personalized care strategy. The care plan is precisely shaped, accustomed and revitalized as requirements or capacities change. Sussex Healthcare’s productive colleagues endeavor to build mind plans addressing both requests and inclinations of patients while focusing on what is best for them.

What makes Sussex healthcare special?

Sussex healthcare has many highly trained staff members including devoted caregivers who provide specialized nursing care on a twenty-four-seven basis. Moreover, the facilities found in the health centre feature the latest technology to take care of the patients correctly. Sussex healthcare also takes pride in paying considerable attention to the total quality of life in the various homes managed by the institution. As a result, the meals provided are well prepared using fresh ingredients. The service users enjoy access to educational opportunities as well as other activities in an attempt to speed and make the recovery journey less stressful. Initially set up with just a single home in 1985, the facility has now grown to 580 beds capacity center and is a principal provider of housing and nursing care in Sussex.

Type of equipment used

Sussex healthcare understands the importance of having the right equipment in the health industry. As a result, the facility employs modern technology to take care all the needs of their service users. Apart from the cutting-edge fitness facility with elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes and free weights, the health centre also has a spa for people with disabilities. When visitors come to the modern resort, professionals can provide pedicures, manicures and several kinds of massages that can significantly lessen tension.

Types of services offered

Services offered by Sussex healthcare include caring for older people through providing a relaxed and straightforward environment with care and motivation for every older person, to make the most of their physical, emotional and logical capacity. Additionally, persons with dementia are taken care of here through a personalized care tactic. Other services offered by Sussex healthcare include providing care for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, and Acquired Brain Damage as well as Spinal Cord Cuts. Visit:


Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere known as the queen of unicorns is an artist and one of the leading, inspiring female entrepreneurs. She is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics which was founded back in 2008. Lime Crime produces one of the most controversial makeup brands which is overly bright, which defies all the rules. Doe Deere is focused on showing how cosmetics are not only used to hide flaws and wrinkles but are also a form of freedom and self-expression. The cosmetics also allow women to live independently. The cosmetics are made using natural ingredients, and this makes them safe for all kind of skin types. The cosmetics are strongly pigmented, lively and bold in color. Some of the bold colors include lime green, blue, and all types of pink. Lime Crime sells various types of cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, and fingernail polish. Lime Crime was created From Doe’s favorite colors and her vision to advance eye shadows, lipstick and nail polishes. A majority of ladies throughout the world order this cosmetics online and showcase the lively colors through pictures online.


Doe Deere was born in Russia. She was raised up in Russia but later moved to the United States in New York at the age of 17 years. She had a dream of becoming a musician, and she precisely did that starting her career. She was even part of a band in Brooklyn. Music taught her various important skills like marketing skills that she has greatly employed in the business. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she learned how to showcase and advertise her exceptional style more. She says that her love for business started when she was a kid at an interview by Guest of a Guest. She would sell and wear temporary tattoos at the age of 13 to her classmates. Learn more:


Doe Deere loves mentoring other women who are aiming at becoming entrepreneurs, she supports them, and she is always ready to give them advice. She believes that every person has that something that is unique about them. Doe Deere says that success starts by knowing, discovering yourself and finding that unique skill that you have and put it into action to flourish. Doe Deere adores animals, and she is very passionate in rescuing them especially cats, she has donated cash to an animal shelter in New York. She is among the most leading people in the makeup industry producing eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks and hair dye.


Saving Money With Stream Energy Is Easy

Part of Stream Energy’s services is to offer a blog full of money saving tips for the general public to read. In one of the most recent blogs is a tip to save money by doing the simplest of things, unplugging power cords. According to Stream Energy even unused appliances and cords that are plugged into the outlets but not currently powering anything still use power. These ‘energy drains’ waste money, up to $130.00 yearly if something as big as a whole entertainment unit is plugged in but powering nothing. Trying to be more energy conscious and unplugging unused appliances and charging cords can lead to a big yearly savings and doesn’t take much time to do. Get details on Stream Energy at

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 and began offering energy services to Texas residents in 2005 after Texas deregulated their energy services. Now Stream Energy offers their energy services to New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, and New Jersey. Stream Energy is unique in the fact that the role of selling energy to neighbors, friends, and area businesses is up to individuals who want to do the job. People can sign-ups to sell the energy others. There is an initial startup cost, but then every month sellers get a small percentage of their clients paid energy bill. Read more about Stream Energy at

Stream Energy also has other items it sells besides energy. Stream Energy also sells plans for phones, including wireless services. And Stream Energy offers 24/7 medical access to a doctor. Stream offers a medical service so that patients can call anytime and ask to speak or video chat with a board certified physician about medical issues they may be experiencing. The physician can also send in a prescription, if needed, to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Stream Energy has become the number one business to help handle all of a customers home needs.


Trabuco The Ancient Fighting Machine

Trabuco is a machine used during old times when people were going to war. It was specifically used to fire stones to walls that proved hard to access. It helped fighters do a lot of damage to their rivals. A Trabuco resembled a catapult, and it could do a lot of damage to its target. Another name given to the Trabuco is balancing Trabuco which was used to differentiate between another weapon that looked the same way and was known as the traction Trabuco.

In other areas, they used the Trabuco to fire diseases through bodies that had been infected. This kind of attack was always lethal and was effective to enemies according to The dead bodies would be put in the Trabuco and fired to the enemies who would then contract the deadly diseases. The Trabuco would also be used to fire at very high speeds and even very far distances of over 500 meters. These lethal machines known as the Trabuco were initially from China before they started being used in Europe during the wars. Their ability to cause destruction caught the attention of so many Europeans and they had to find ways to make theirs too so that they could be able to defend themselves.

In the ancient times, the Trabuco would take someone over ten days to be able to come up with a proper and effective Trabuco. The number of days to complete them was dependent on the size one wanted theirs to be. They were mostly used during those days, to throw destructive balls which would sometimes be put on the fire to add on the damage. According to, it is believed that they were first used in a war in China where some engineers from Persia made effective Trabuco that caused so much damage making the enemies flee for safety as they had seen nothing like that and it scared them.

Later on, after the war, there were improvements done to the Trabucos as everyone wanted to make a fatal one so that they could be able to counter other weapons. It led to the development of more weapons as everyone looked to create a war instrument that could destroy their enemies according to The best one was created that could fire after more massive and more lethal balls. Some were even effective to the point that it could shoot after every 30 seconds. The rise of the Trabuco led to so much war as every nation wanted to show their might and power. However, it led to the development of more weapons, and this was evident when people started using gunpowder. Trabuco is preserved in museums so that its contribution to war is not forgotten.

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How Phil Diehl has influenced the operations of the U.S. Money Reserve

The catastrophe witnessed in Harvey

Helping the community is one of the most important things that a company can do to help the people. In as much an organization can be involved in other activities throughout the world, helping the society during the times of need and trouble will be remembered for ages.

In the past few weeks, Harvey experienced one of the biggest hurricanes ever seen in the state of Austin. 82 people died in the process, and hundreds of thousands of others lost their properties and houses.

The hurricane was not expected, and not even a single resident managed to carry any of the properties along with them.

The U.S. Money Reserve, through the influence of Phil Diehl, has vowed to support the families that were displaced during the havoc. The company will cooperate with the state to help the displaced individuals get their compensations back. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

From the governor of the state, the property that was lost to the hurricane was worth $180 billion. Since the U.S. Money Reserve has its headquarters in the state, it treated the victims as members of the same family based on the location.

The management techniques of Phil Diehl

As the CEO of the company, Phil Diehl is the man that is constantly in the spotlight. Dealing with precious metals can be very tricky. There are competitors who are dealing with illegal business and would want to see the company fail. Phil has used his image and strength in management to gain the trust of both the employees and the customers.

In his plans of management, Phil has ensured the employees are made comfortable in their work. Ensuring the comfort of the employees makes them have a positive attitude which translates to a quality service to the customers.

Offering quality services

The U.S. Money Reserve has the happiest customers in the United States. The customers are constantly satisfied with the services that the company offers. In 2002 when the company was incepted, the number of clients was only about 10000.

Because of the continuity of quality services, the customer base increased from there to the current population of 400000 people. The company ensured that the quality of the services offered to the public would be the marketing factors.

From the testimonials of the customers, referrals formed the major part of the working strategies. The customers were marketing the services of the company without knowing it.

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The Oxford Club: Redefining Investing

In October of 1987, the stock market experienced one of its most memorable collapses in recent U.S. history. It is natural, in fact common, for the stock markets to fluctuate on a semi-regular basis. As such, when dips in the market occur they are normally not of great concern. However, there have been several instances where small dips in the market have led to larger collapses. In most instances, these increases in the selling of stocks have correlated with a major event ( i.e., the failure of a government or the devaluing of a currency). The crash in 1987 differed in that there appeared to be no correlation between the increase in the frantic selling of bonds and a major global event. While tragic at the time, this crash has lead to changes in the stock market.

Since its founding in 1999, the Oxford Club has aided thousands of individuals and companies through the difficulties of the stock market. Members of the club exchange information and educate those interested on the behaviors of the stock market. In doing so, the organization and its members hope to help each other gain and protect their vast wealth.

Each individual and company that is committed to the Oxford Club avoid the mainstream press speculations. In place of everyday news, members prefer to do their own in-depth research. Often their research revolves around the current state and possible influences on the stock markets. Additionally, companies and individuals that participate in the club suggest not selling bonds during dips in the market. Rather, they suggest that sellers practice patience and wait to come to rational conclusions regarding when to sell their stocks.

Learn more about investing on The Oxford Club’s Youtube channel

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Affordable Cabinetry and Even Much More

The Corsi Group have got a new brand focused on delivering affordable, customized cabinets and accessories that feature more than 270 finishing and material choices. Siteline is the Corsi Group’s newest brand; it began production in the 3rd quarter of 2015 at a manufacturing space in Keysville, Virginia.

Siteline is to focus on producing affordable cabinetry; Siteline Cabinetry is frameless with a touch of traditional and a complement of contemporary styles. So if you are considering a total remodeling of your kitchen; or your mudroom is in need of a facelift; your master closet and laundry room might need an entirely new feel or look, you can now look to Siteline Cabinetry to deliver a custom fit for all these areas of your home. Siteline Cabinetry has many exciting features and still offers competitive of prices.

Siteline offers numerous pre-configured cabinet styles and designs customers can gladly choose from, or customers can go all in and come up with a radical custom finish of their own. Some of the options Siteline provides are: Thermofoil finishes, maple paint colors, metal door finishing and metal door style finishing. But really, the design and style of the cabinetry are up to you and what you think would fit your home.

Apart from the quality of material finishing and cheap pricing that fits into your budget, Siteline’s utmost priority is delivering time. Siteline has a lead time of four to five weeks.

So what are the features that really sets Siteline apart from the rest?

– Affordability

– Custom size cabinets

– Diverse color, finishing and material options – they offer traditional finishes, shiny finishes, metallic or matte and acrylic options; this list is far from an exhaustive one.

Customer focused approach – Siteline Cabinetry gives the buyer the complete freedom to determine what he/she wants. The company makes sure the manufactured cabinet fits the exact request of the client.

Thus, if you need an affordable cabinet that has tons of customization options and different pricing range, different materials and designs as well as all sorts of set options to fit different intentions, then Siteline Cabinetry is the best choice for you.

Mike Baur Mentors Young Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur’s story starts with a day-in and day-out job. For Mike Baur, his job was more of a career. He actually loved his first job and stayed with the industry for 20 years. Since he was a young man, growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland, he’s loved finance.

Even before earning his business degrees, he joined the finance industry. His first job was at Union Bank of Switzerland. The guy hiring Baur immediately realized he was special. He gave Baur a step by step guide to how to succeed at the company. He even listed the promotions he expected Baur to achieve before retirement.

His hiring manager was almost right. Baur did receive numerous promotions, but working at UBS wasn’t meant to be his final venture. In 2008, he moved to Zurich to work at Clariden Leu. He immediately held high-ranking positions at the company, but he still wasn’t as happy as he wanted to be.

In 2014, left Clariden Leu and joined Max Meister and launched Swiss Startup Factory. This incubator program helps young tech entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. SSUF offers mentoring, training services, and for some, free office space and financial aid.

Since co-founding SSUF, Baur’s been much happier. He loves going to work and interacting with all the aspiring entrepreneurs. He even participated in the START Summiteer, which is a pitching contest for up and coming businesses. He served as one of the jurors with their 2014 contest.

As his new business began to grow, he couldn’t let go of his 20-year finance career. He founded Think Reloaded as a way to bridge his two loves. It didn’t take long before Think Reloaded began working with SSUF. Their partnership eventually attracted BV4. Now, Baur and Meister are integral members of the BV4 team.

Now that Swiss Startup Factory is thriving, there’s a lot to admire. SSUF is the largest independent incubator program in the country. That freedom allows them to explore every opportunity with no fear of interference of conflicts of interest. Having co-founders who financially support the company allows the brand to do more.

Mike Baur left behind a lucrative office job to be an entrepreneur. His career in banking was predicted long ago, yet, he left to pursue happiness. That’s a lesson that every entrepreneur should learn about.


Larkin & Lacey

It has been drilled into our heads from the time of early childhood that “civil rights” is associated with racial minorities in the United States, especially African American people.

However, civil rights is an issue for everyone of every race, religion, personality type, gender, ethnicity, interest and place in life. One of these places in life is that of a laborer. Most human beings are laborers.

They do jobs, whether it be physically strenuous and hazardous jobs like construction and and coal mining, or white color jobs like receptionists. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

There are various types of artists, professionals, people who do physically strenuous work and customer service people. Everyone who works is at a huge risk of having their human rights crushed by employers.

There are numerous regulations that have been erected to prevent employer abuses. These regulations help, though some abusive employers slip through the cracks, unfortunately. People form unions when they want to come to together under one voice and exert weight, politically.

The number of unions is pretty large in the United States of America. Union membership is not at the same rate all over the country. For example, in places like New York, there is a lot of union activity and a large percentage of people are in unions. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In the Southern part of the United States, union membership is all the way down. Unions do exist in the South, though that area of the country has a long history of not being big with union membership. In books, they say that this is because powerful, corrupt local governments with a lot of political pull and goons kept unions out.

However, there is also reason to believe that many local residents in the South may have had a sour taste in their mouth about unions. It is pretty reasonable for people to feel like that, because on the negative side, unions tend to be very much politically charged.

Sometimes violence and conflict follows union activity. Also, when a union comes into an industry, there may be disparities between union members and non-union members, and people who want to go into unions may find it really hard to get in.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is not a labor union; it is an organization based on identity—immigrant status, race, sexual preference and sexual identity. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey give their funds to identity organizations such as Hispanic organizations, immigrant organizations and LGBTQ organizations.

Tobias Jaeger

AXIOM Venture Capital’s Managing Partner Tobias Jaeger has helped the company become a leading consulting and boutique advisory firm. Through his experience working with ventures in e-gaming, entertainment, and finance, Tobias Jaeger conceived the plan that led to the creation of AXIOM Venture Capital. This company helps create financial and business solutions for their clients who work in the entertainment industry. To pinpoint investments for film projects, Mr. Jaeger started AXIOM Pictures, a European television and film equity fund.

Tobias Jaeger attended Maastricht University and Texas A&M University, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in International Business. While he was still a student, he developed Business Associates of Europe, which combined university students with business consultants to help companies in the Netherlands and Europe. After graduation, he gained experience in the industry of e-gaming, and as Managing Director, he started Entrepreneur Academy. The Academy helped entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Europe by providing courses in personality empowerment.

Upon completing his tour of duty with the German Armed Forces in 2006, he saw a need to raise awareness and increase support for the German military. “Support German Troops” was co-founded by Mr. Jaeger and this initiative has helped raise donations and support for the families of those serving in the German Armed Forces.

Prior to his work with AXIOM, Tobias Jaeger begin to develop his media business skills when he created a documentary for “Thought For Food”, a Swiss initiative dedicated to finding new ways to feed the world. Filming took place in the United States, India, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Kenya.

In day-to-day operations, he works to achieve results by working on the tasks that have the highest priority. He believes in doing research so he can make the best decisions possible, but he will also rely on his first impressions about a project or issue. Talking to people outside of the business helps him to stay receptive to new ideas and possibilities. Tobias Jaeger has appeared on WirtschaftTV, a German news network where he has offered his commentary on the current events happening in entertainment and media. Tobias loves to travel and has been to more than 43 countries, he is also fluent in six languages. He currently lives in Berlin with his wife and son.


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