Securus Technologies Is Bringing Christmas To Those That Need It

Having family and friends around at Christmas can make all the difference in the world. That is because it is a time of togetherness. Many people like to celebrate with big dinners, and they exchange presents. All people have their customs and traditions during Christmas. For inmates in correction facilities, they are not allowed to take part in these types of events. Their spirits are deflated, and they feel alone. The company, Securus Technologies noticed this, and they created a way for them to take part in Christmas in another way. They invented the Christmas video visits for the inmates that cannot visit their families.


With the Christmas video visits, the prisoner can see and hear their family and loved ones on a screen. They can watch them as they open gifts, and have their holiday meal. It makes them feel a lot better to be able to take part in the holiday.


The company, Securus Technologies is always worried about the public’s safety. This is what they do, and they complete their duties to high levels of excellence. They want to make sure that the world is better and safe for people to live in.


When Securus Technologies gets involved, they make positive changes, and that is why they are in high demand with companies all over the country. The company is always devise better ways to this, and they create innovative solutions on a weekly basis, making them the best in their industry. . Their employees are experts, and they are dedicated to completing each mission that they are sent on to perfection. It is their goal to make the world a safer and better place for people to live in.



Brian Bonar’s Successful Financial Career

There is no denying the fact that Brian Bonar is a highly venerated individual. The recipient of Cambridge’s “Executive of the Year” Award is a busy investment guru but always finds time to share his broad knowledge on financial and investment matters. He is currently the CEO, Chairman and Principal Accounting Officer of Trucept, Inc.

Bonar has worked for other companies, such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he experienced great success. Nevertheless, his technical background can account for part of Bonar’s astounding breakthrough in financial matters. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. He further pursued Engineering to the next level by attaining a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar’s technical background has enabled him to create effective business structures. This has been clearly evident in the various companies he has worked for. In QMS, he took the position of the Director of Engineering and successfully managed more than 100 employees. He also worked as a Sales Manager for Adaptec before he made the decision to play his own game. He started a company named Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar excels in mergers and acquisitions due to his personable and creative approach to life. He also manages to combine the genius of a professional engineer with the high-tech power of an architect to move businesses to the next level. Evidence of his business acumen abounds in the managerial and creative genius he displays at Trucept Incorporated.

Trucept has its headquarters in Escondido, California. The services available in this company include human resource administration, processing of employee benefits and payroll management. The company helps small and medium-size companies by completing some tasks for them. The businesses can then focus on other aspects of their management as Trucept handles their human resource challenges.

Other services offered by Trucept include packages that help companies manage their payroll and taxation needs. Client businesses also benefit from Trucept services by assisting them to keep and maintain their human resource records. Risk management, a critical issue for many startups, is another area of specialization for Trucept.

Brian Bonar is a man with many skills. He specializes in angel investing, management consulting, contract negotiation and marketing techniques. His other skills include strategic partnerships, private equity, contract negotiation and process improvement. Bonar’s is also gifted in due diligence, sales, competitive assessment, business planning, and restructuring.

That Brian Bonar possesses excellent business skills and knowledge cannot be disputed. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have time for family and social matters.

Don’t Move to New Zealand for Tax Purposes

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who has years of experience working with expats and people who want to move to different countries. He has done a lot of studying on different things in each of these different countries and this has given him the chance to see what the benefits are to moving to different countries.


New Zealand is one of the most popular places that people can move to when they are looking for a new home. Many people choose to move to New Zealand because they think that they will not have to pay very high taxes when they move there. They do have to pay taxes, though. The taxes in New Zealand are about the same as they are in similar countries. People do not get tax breaks just for moving there and they should expect to pay taxes the whole time that they are in the country.


While New Zealand may not be the best place to avoid taxes at, there are many countries that do have tax-free living. This is something that is different than what other countries offer. The countries are referred to as tax havens and people can either expect to pay very low taxes or no taxes at all. These countries are best for people who are wealthy and it would greatly affect their money situation if they had to pay taxes. Tax havens are not for people who do not make a lot of money.


Speaking from experience, Geoffrey Cone knows what it is like to live in a tax-free country. He moved from New Zealand to a tax haven and has been benefitting from the lack of taxes in the area since he has lived there. This has allowed him the chance to not only benefit from the lack of taxes but to also add to his experience in the global law field. He has learned a lot from the experiences that the has had in a tax-free country and he has been able to give that information to the clients that he has.


Living in a tax haven is not always easy. There are many things that people must consider when they live in a tax haven. The countries are often undeveloped and are not like living in developed countries at all. It is something that people must take into account. It is a good idea to hire an attorney, like Geoff Cone, to learn more about the country.



Who’s Talking About NYC Properties


When people talk about NYC properties, there is always a buzz. What’s new? Who is building it? Who Wants it? There is never a lack of interest. Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies, one of the largest private real estate development firms is excited about Hudson Yards, 28 acres on the West Side of Manhattan. People want everything they need right outside their doors, work, play, dining, entertainment and services. They want to move in and start living and not worry about having to travel to other neighborhoods for what they need.

Ziel Feldman of HFZ Capital Group developers of The Marquand, One Madison and The Astor, is now active in West Chelsea on the Architectural Mile. New mixed use areas for work, play, services, dining and shopping that appeal to those seeking NYC properties are in development such as 76 Eleventh Avenue.


One of the best companies to help people find these places is Town Residential. This prime real estate company has its fingers on the pulse of New York and knows all the neighborhoods people want to live in. Their agents and representatives can find you just about anything you want. To browse the apartments they have for rent in New York City, go to their website at Look through the tabs and especially their neighborhoods and experience for yourself the magic of their talent and expertise.


My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home is a motto they live by. If you are looking for the latest chic, most luxurious and popular places to live, they know about it. Browse their current listings and see what appeals to you. Are you looking for the most popular area with the best views or something off the beaten path? Let them show you some excellent options you may not have thought of before. As one of the most popular places to work in New York, you can expect the best service from the best in the business. Come see what makes them tick!

Jim Hunt: How to Break the Chains of Magical Thinking and Start to Think Rationally


Since financial matters are paramount, people should plan early to avoid disappointments in future. Today, most people are not aware of how to save to plan for their retirement and probably get a mortgage. The way people view saving and planning for retirement is quite alarming since they do not seem to think it is important. Most people have subjected themselves to magical thinking when it comes to financial matters. This kind of thinking has made people overlook what is important.

People who are categorized as magical thinkers are those who play a lottery thinking they will win, and this will solve their money issues. Magical thinkers believe in the odds of winning such that they keep trying even when the odds dictate that they will lose. These people do not critically think about what is important in their lives and, therefore, they fail to plan when and where to go after they retire. This is quite risky in that failure to save enough may result in borrowing, especially in times of emergency. Breaking the chains of magical thinking is important since it opens one to making an intelligent decision. One of the ways of breaking the bonds of magical thinking is to consult financial gurus such as Jim Hunt. Hunt advises people on how to save and invest on the things that matter most.


VTA Publications Ltd and CEO Jim Hunt


VTA Publications Ltd is a company that deals in the publishing of non-fiction materials for distance learning. The firm provides catering services as well as economic and financial services. This company was formed in 2012, and it has since served clients across the globe delivering top-notch digital and physical information.


Hunt has the skill of identifying prospective market trends and predicting the performance of various commodities in the stock exchange. He launched a program called “Wealth Wave” that encourages people to invest. The program has ten steps that guide interested individuals towards making millions in the stock market, and you can read more about that on PR Newswire.


Nathaniel Ru: The Future Of Fast Food

Nathaniel Ru has given us a glimpse of the future of fast food. One thing that he imagines is that people are eating healthier. They are choosing foods that are prepared in a more careful manner. The types of ingredients and methods used to prepare the foods are healthier and more natural. As a result, people are not only able to fight off the excess weight that they have put on, but they are also able to deal with some of the other health issues that have been plaguing them and other people recently because of the breakdown caused by overly processed foods.


As a result, people will feel better after eating the foods that are offered to them. They get to enjoy some of the different types of vegetables and fruits that make up some of the best salads that they will get to enjoy. They will get to enjoy so many different types of salads. They will also get to discover new salads.


One thing that could be said about the salads of Sweetgreen is that they are bursting with flavor. The boring tasting salads that people are used to are not present here. Nathaniel Ru has a wide variety of dressings for the salads. Sweetgreen encourages people to try the many different salad dressings so that they will find a new favorite to go along with the current dressings that they enjoy.


Sweetgreen has been such a success that people are requesting to have a location open up near them. Fortunately, there are plans for expansion which include opening up new locations throughout the markets. Nathaniel Ru has a lot of work ahead of him when it comes to bringing forth his vision of the future. However, he has the vision to bring it to pass. Sweetgreen will soon be one of the major chains in the restaurant industry.