Organizational Psychology and Government

One of the sad realities of democratic government is that it is often those most incompetent at governance that are popular enough to get elected. This is why we see modern American and European democracies becoming theatricals where politicians shout insults at each other each election season. Polybius, the ancient Greek political scientist, once observed that democracies eventually degenerate into dictatorships because the mob vote ruins itself.

Designing an effective government requires knowing that:

  1. All people have equal value under law
  1. All people do not have equal ability or talent for governing

Western Democracies tend to assume that any person can and should have the freedom to cast their vote and potentially become elected. This ends up with popular and flattering people rising to the top, and taking the country into a conflictive and wasteful period of ruin.

Ancient governments tended to ignore the first principle, that all people have equal value under law. This created the setting for revolution that led to the worldwide trend toward democratic government. Sadly, people went to the other extreme. They assume that all people have both equal value and equal right and ability to govern. This is simply not true. Handing your toddler the keys to your running car is a recipe for disaster. Handing a deceptive and popular tax evader the keys to the oval office is a recipe for chronic debt and international war.

What types of brains are most suitable to govern a country? The wisest leaders of history were noted for their humility and integrity. They did not charge ahead without first consulting their staff for advice.

Leaders from both sides of the political spectrum of today are noted for their arrogance and lack of character. They bawl and protest loudly on national media to make up for their shady past.

The collective wisdom of the masses is usually wrong, because to arrive at their decision, they must compromise ethical principles.

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned political scientist who is in the business to help policymakers make wiser decisions. Sadly, most governments of the world are not learning from the mistakes of their ancestors.

Sujit Choudhry is trying to take evidence from the past to make the path to wise government more apparent. Be sure to contact Sujit at his LinkedIn account. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Cone Marshall Grows To Become An International Tax And Trust Law Firm

In New Zealand, the issuance of services connected to the justice system has grown into a whole industry and different law firms have established systems that can help individuals to access support for cases in different categories. One of the law firms that has transformed the scene of law in the country is Cone Marshall, a leading provider of litigation services that works with clients looking for tax and trust law services.


The firm has been in the industry since 1999 and it has earned a reputation for being the only in the country to specialize in one field of law. Their services are unique and backed by the need to uphold integrity and fairness. This resolve has allowed all their clients to access support and services that have been unique to allow them to solve their problems more easily.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has been working with professionals who have prior experience in tax and estate litigation. With a dedicated system that delivers results within a short period, Cone Marshall has been attracting clients from other countries. These clients include attorneys and professionals who come with complex cases that are presented by their customers.


Technology has played a key role in developing the firm to become successful. Cone Marshall embraced an online filing system that makes it possible for clients to launch their cases even from remote locations. The system has helped to streamline the resolution process, thereby allowing for faster handling of cases.


Focused leadership

All the changes and milestones Cone Marshall has achieved over the years are due to the good leaders the firm works with. There are professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades who offer solutions to various problems shared by clients.


Karen Marshall is one of the professionals whose presence at the firm speaks success. She has developed her career as a commercial litigation lawyer for more than two decades and her past experience include working with leading law firms in London. She was appointed to hold a leadership position as the principal of Cone Marshall in 2006. During all the time she has worked at Cone Marshall, Karen has received support from Geoffrey Cone, the most experienced lawyer in the firm and a founding member.

Lime Crime Emerges As A Makeup Industry Leader

Lime Crime has 2 million followers on Instagram. There are people that have never heard of the brand though. This means two things. The first thing that this means is that there is a lot of interest in this product. The second thing that this means is that social media is very important for the growth of this company. Doe Deere has managed to give people access to shades of lipstick that may not be available anywhere else. That is what has made people stop and look at this company as a unique brand that is unlike Sephora or Revlon.


Doe Deere is the CEO with this company, and she has marketed this company in a way that was bound to separate it from the other companies that were out there. She has many bold lipstick colors that are making people notice this brand, but that was only the beginning. People recognize this brand because it is associated with the unicorn. It is called “Unicorn Makeup” by Lime Crime, and available from all major retailers. This is a symbol that makes people recognize their brand instantly. Revlon or Cover Girl do not have any mascots or symbols. That is something that is very distinct. That makes it possible for young girls to connect directly to this brand.


The bright colors will attract young girls, so this a second aspect of marketing that shows that Doe Deere is building this customer base of young girls and women that are willing to experiment with new brands. Many older women that are set in their ways may be less inclined to try new brands of cosmetics. The millennials, however, have not claimed any type of loyalty to anyone. This is the reason that she is able to attract a lot of young customers that have never worn any makeup before. Lime Crime connects with youth through social media.

The Manse On Marsh: How To Choose A Trusted Assisted Living Facility

Are you looking for a senior living center? Want to locate an assisted living facility for your aging parent or loved one? Lots of households pick Manse On Marsh as the assisted living facility for their relatives, because of the numerous advantages it offers.

The Manse on Marsh is an established provider of top notch living facilities for seniors who need assistance performing certain routine tasks. This senior housing provider aims to help families and their elderly relatives choose a suitable living situation to ensure safety and comfort. The company has been around for many years and comes highly recommended. Families and their loved ones are always raving about the high quality living arrangement the center provides.

You may want to look into assisted living if you have issues regarding the living arrangement of a your elderly parent or family member.

Assisted living facilities are housing systems that often include a kitchen area, dishes, transportation to medical professionals, medication management, housekeeping, dressing and social activities, and also various other types of individual assistance. Assisted living is developed for individuals that need help with tasks of day-to-day living.

There is a big variation among senior housing as well as assisted living facilities. While this can make the procedure of selecting or choosing a facility appear challenging, the benefit is that you have a likelihood of locating an elderly facility that is ideal for your needs.

It is very important to choose an assisted living facility that really feels safe, pleasant, and also comfortable. You should also make certain the center is clean and properly maintained. The center your loved one will certainly be happiest at is the facility where he or she really feels most at home.

The Manse on Marsh is an extremely trustworthy and reputable provider of assisted living facilities. Lots of family members throughout the nation count on Manse On Marsh to provide a perfect center for their elderly relatives.

Marc Sparks And Figuring Out The Most Important Part Of Business

There is an easy way to get through life. However, this way is one of the most empty ways. However, the other way to making it through life often involves something that is more desirable for the person. One thing that people realize is that they have something that they want.

However, it is likely to be different from working retail or in an office for 8 hours every day. Even rising up into management position is going to be rather unfulfilling compared to the type of work that they want to do. However, a lot of people just conclude that they don’t like work. However, it does not have to be that way for them. There is an alternative.

Another good idea is to learn from other examples. One example to learn from is Marc Sparks. He is someone who has a lot of information that people could benefit from as they seek alternative ways to earn money.

According to Wikipedia, one thing that Marc Sparks has over others is that he is willing to share all of his experiences. He has information on the aspects of business which is the most important as well as the approach that is not effective. One thing that Marc Sparks is willing to write about is the most important aspect of business.

One of the most important aspects of business to take care of is the marketing. One has to be willing to reach out to others so that he will gain some customers that he can serve. Also, it is important for one to allow his customers to influence what is offered so that he can maximize his sales.

Geoffrey Cone: New Zealand Engages in Sound Taxing Procedures

For so long, the media coverage has illustrated New Zealand foreign trusts as complex systems involving affluent individuals and multifaceted financial transactions. However, Geoff Cone has debunked these perceptions and hinted that just as other things associated with tax, foreign trusts are a little more mundane. If New Zealand maintains its current taxing laws and systems, there are slim chances of it appearing on the OECD’s tax havens list.


How to identify tax havens


  • They administer no or solely nominal taxes


  • They are unaccountable



  • They do not exchange information with other countries or governments.


According to Cone, none of those grounds can be used to describe New Zealand. Additionally, the country has an open financial sector. It featured on the OECD’s white list as one of the top nations after it implemented the globally agreed tax standard.


New Zealand is a hub of tax accountability


The nation has led by an example by handling foreign trusts in an open and genuine way. It ensures all information on registered trusts is readily available to other governments. The rules imposed in 2006, requires trustees to submit the IR607 form. The trustees are also required to maintain detailed financial and other valuable records. All records and document should be filed in English and kept in New Zealand. After the implementation of the global standard money laundering law in 2011, these rules became more effective.


Geoffrey Cone


Geoffrey Cone earned his honors degree in law and a higher diploma in Trust law from the New Zealand-headquartered University of Otago. He began his law career with Russell McVeagh and eventually the Christchurch-based Lane Neave Ronaldson. After serving as a corporate litigation professional for British West Indies for a span of two years, he relocated to New Zealand. Following a short stint at the Simpson Grierson law firm, he began Cone Marshall (his private practice) in 1999. Cone Marshall prides itself as the only law company headquartered in New Zealand that provides tax planning and foreign trust service.


Before venturing into private practice in 1999, Geoff Cone was a specialist in tax, trust, and commercial litigation. He handled cases at various levels of courts in New Zealand. Geoff Cone is a talented writer who has published articles in internationally recognized trust magazines and journals search as Trusts &Trustees, New Zealand Law Journal, and Rothschild Trust Review. He has played an instrumental role in the authoring of World Trusts Survey, International Trusts Guide, International Trusts Disputes, and Trident Guide to Foreign Trusts.


What Does Fabletics Stand For?

History of Fabletics
The history of Fabletics is short but impressive. The online subscription company was founded by a trio of brilliant minds in July of 2013. This trio consisted of Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Together the team wanted to create a line of fashionable athletic wear for the healthy, active, and fashion-conscious women in America. An individual would subscribe to Fabletics, fill out a short and personal survey about their lifestyle habits, and receive a custom created athletic outfit that met their own personal needs. Due to the unprecedented success that the company received, a decision was made to expand. Fabletics then opened up to include men’s fashionable athletic wear, affectionately called FL2, in June of 2015. This massive expansion to include men lead to a spike in popularity and online presence.

October of 2015 was a milestone in the company’s history because it marked the date that it a handful of retail stores were opened up in malls owned and operated by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc. This expansion from internet-only sales helped to reach individuals that could not purchase online, did not feel comfortable with purchasing clothing online, or did not know about the company at all based only on their online presence. With stores in five locations thriving, Fabletics announced in February 2016 that they would be opening an additional 75 to 100 locations within the next 3 to 5 years.

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Kate Hudson
Many people around the world know Kate Hudson’s name. She has appeared with multiple media sources, including popular movies and television shows. She is an active individual with a health-conscious mind that she wanted to share with the people she loved. For this reason, she teamed with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to provide the women she loved with athletic wear that was comfortable, stylish, and efficient.

Kate Hudson has been known to emphatically speak about Fabletics as being an all-inclusive brand of athletic wear. She loves talking about the company’s approach to addressing all levels of active individuals from fitness fanatics to even the most casual of athletes. This survey helps the individuals at Fabletics to custom-create a new look for each subscriber every month that they choose to subscribe. Kate Hudson is also very excited and thrilled to talk about the extended range of sizes that Fabletics offers. She feels as though the range in sizes allows individuals that may not otherwise be able to wear fashionable athletic wear to wear something that not only fits, but makes them feel like they are not outcasts. Being an all inclusive athleisure company means that they not only offer an extended range of sizes to women, but they also offer fashionable athletic wear in a range of size for men.

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