Investment and Financial Services for Ares Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is an international investment and banking firm which provides financial advisory services, acquisition expertise, mergers, valuation services and financial opinions to privately and public businesses. It acts on integrity, leadership, excellence and service to its clients. Madison Capital services have gone global with offices in Africa, North America, and Asia helping their customers all over achieve their goals and succeed in the marketplace.


With knowledge and experience, Madison is easily able to connect buyers with the individual sellers and also the appropriate financing structure to any situation of each customer by analyzing their unique needs. The company partners with middle firms in various industries to acquire the best results through some transactions making it the best and leading financial advisory service provider. The company also offers consulting services in fairness and creditworthiness to other businesses to sustain the standard of their business. Through determination and dedication, and professionalism, the firm has earned the trust of its clients. The firm owns their clients’ goals and objectives and executes them to their level best. With corporate finance being a sensitive area, Madison Capital finds opportunities and responds to them in time with competence to benefit both the investors and business owners.


Madison acted as financial advisor dealing with arranging subordinated debt investment and minority equity for its client, ARES Security Corporation whose headquarter is in Vienna, VA. ARES Security Corporation is one of the leading enterprises on security risk management that provides comprehensive security software solutions. The corporation with its dedicated board and administration team offers technology solutions and handles the world’s most sensitive assets. Corbel Structured Equity Partners, which is a structured equity fund founded in 2013, provided the minority recapitalization and creatively structured the investment to create a substantial value of equity. Corbel as a partner firm has flexible capital solutions with over $95 million in its management that will enable Madison Street to maintain its weighty sales momentum and major on upcoming opportunities in revenue. Madison CEO Charles Botchway made the announcement and led by Reginald McGaugh, the senior management Director. The Madison Street team had the responsibility to find the appropriate financing partner for Ares, which they executed with diligence and impressed the Security President of the corporation, Ben Eazzetta, who saw a bright future with the new capital structure. The capital raising process and the valuation analysis conducted was on point.

Amazing Fabletics

Fabletics is an active wear clothing line. The company is co founded by Kate Hudson. She became interested in this line because she wanted to inspire women to lead healthy and active lives. This company operates on a monthly membership structure. The company has many perks. If you sign up as a VIP member you receive your first outfit for $25. Who can beat an entire workout outfit for that price? Although there is a monthly fee, you are not entitled to pay the fee every month. If you do not find anything that catches your eyes, you are able to skip the month.


Fabletics is a great place to receive athletic gear for a nice price. They always have a nice deal. Who doesn’t want an entire outfit for $10? Reviews from the Krazy Coupon Lady shows just how happy some customers are. Alex Garcia wrote “So it’s $14.95 when said and done if I only get the one outfit? Still not too bad”. Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit, writes about how amazed she is with company. She explains the four areas that Fabletics is great in. She loves their quality. The quality is great, a lot better than what is expected for the price. She love the variety of styles that they offer. The Value is great. They are better than some expensive brands. She will recommend Fabletics for people who are patient and willing to wait for packages to come in the mail. After her blog, many people have tried Fabletics and are satisfied with their merchandise. The satisfaction is every where! McKenna Mathiesen wrote to Trust Pilot, “This site offers tons of great offers and provides tons of variety through patterns and colors!” She have the site 5 stars. “Awesome!! Everyone should try this out”. This came from another happy customer name Patricia Wolff , posted to Trust Pilot. As we can see this company is all around amazing. Product and pricing will amaze you. You will not be disappointed if you shop Fabletics.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The GOLD Standard for Investing

Are you concerned about the unprecedented growth rate of the US Stock market which has driven stock prices to unsustainable heights? Worried about when the next recession will be? Are your retirement years just around the corner and you’re looking for a place to invest your hard earned money?


Before I tell you about the benefits of investing in Gold, let’s first take a look at what the critics are saying. All the opponents of Gold seem to focus on two things.

1.Gold has no intrinsic value.

2.It’s value only goes up when people are scared.


To buy that same ounce today you would have to spend $1,185. That’s a 20 year track record of growth. Try putting a 20 year track record on most mutual funds or stocks. You can’t because most stocks weren’t even around 20 years ago. Gold has been used for thousands of years as currency, and will continue to be used as currency for thousands more. If that’s not intrinsic value, I don’t know what is.


Now let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider Gold as a powerful investment vehicle.


1.Safeguard your wealth during times of economic uncertainty or unrest.

Having a little fear of the future is healthy. What has a more steady track record, Gold or government?


2.World wide debt

Gold has long been used as a hedge against inflation. Inflation is caused when there is a a decrease in the perceived “value” of money. When a government goes into debt and begins to increase the production of paper money, eventually the people who accept that paper as currency begin to devalue that money because they start to doubt the government to be able to pay back that money.
3.Banks are Stockpiling Gold

According to the World Gold Council, central banks have increased their stockpile of Gold by 28% over the last year. If they see the value in Gold to protect their assets, why shouldn’t you do the same.


Looking for a company to contact to learn more about why you should buy Gold and other precious metals? Check out U.S. Money Reserve. They are one of the nations largest distributors of U.S. issued coins. They have helped over half a million clients navigate the ins and outs of Gold investing and have established a track record of trust and exceptional customer service.

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Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru, a Georgetown University graduate, brought his vision to “bring people together as a community around food” to life with his chain restaurant, Sweetgreen. He started the business in 2007 with fellow Georgetown graduates, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, only 3 months after graduation.


Sweetgreen has developed a solid reputation for providing tasty, affordable, and filling farm to table salads with fresh ingredients. The chain began in Washington, DC but has expanded to over 60 locations in New York, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, employing over 1,700 workers.


Ru discusses what he calls “service design” which he describes as “the culmination of storytelling, technology, and design itself. Elevating simply selling a product to a personalized, consistent service to each customer”.


Walk into any Sweetgreen location and it’s immediately clear that this is not your typical fast food joint, even though the prices are comparable. The open kitchen design allows patrons to see the entire process. Customers can either wait approximately 15 minutes in line and another 2 or 3 minutes to order, or, like about 30% of Sweetgreen customers, they can download and use the app to place their order, which aims to provide a quicker, more convenient experience that is similar to ordering in the store.


It’s not just about the convenience of being able to order quickly on lunch breaks, Sweetgreen sees customers returning for dinner and on weekends because they can’t get enough of the delicious offerings on the menu. Delicious, in part, due to the fact that everything Sweetgreen sells they make themselves, including their salad dressings.


Their produce is delivered every morning from local farms, so everything on the menu is always fresh. The focus on fresh fare from local sources is important to the business model and beneficial to the farmers they work with. Ru meets with the farmers personally to find in season, already available crops instead of requesting they grow certain ones and tries to find uses for some ingredients that would typically not be sold. Practices such as these make Sweetgreen a more sustainable chain restaurant than those that came before it.


FreedomPop Offers Their Customers Great Service Options

FreedomPop offers proprietary devices or you can use your own device if it is Sprint compatible. If you use the free plan and get close to your limit you will be sent a notification at which time you can opt out of an automatic ten dollar top up. You can also go with the $.02 per additional MB data plan. If you get your friends to sign up with the service you will get an additional ten MB per month in data. There is also the option to pay for your services by taking surveys, downloading apps, and completing offers.


If you decide to pay for your services you can pay $5 monthly for Wi-Fi calling. You can also choose the $10.99 monthly unlimited talk and text options that comes with 500 MB of data. You have the choice of using the cellular network or using Wi-Fi talk and text.


There is also the $20 monthly with unlimited talk and text that comes with 1GB of data. On this plan, if you exceed your 1 GB your speeds are slowed from 4G to 3G.


They also offer internet options. You have to purchase a Mi-Fi device from them that ranges in price from around $40 to $130. You can get the free 500 MB plan or get the $3.99 500 MB pro plan that uses both 4G and 3G. The 2 GB Premium is $19.99 and uses 3G and 4G services.


FreedomPop is one of the most revolutionary internet and cell phone service providers and they have built a successful business by giving their customers affordable options to obtain their cell phone and internet service needs.



IAP WORLDWIDE is truly a unique and one of a kind business which there for your needs….yes, around the world and around the clock. Count on IAP WORLDWIDE when you most need them.

IAP stands for INGENUITY AND PURPOSE, and as the name implies….delivers exactly what is promised. Do not just take it from me….no, no, listen to the very words of the company itself as stated on their main web site page online link:
“Our 1,600+ employees operate in over 110 locations in more than 20 countries. We support more than 175,000 personnel at dozens of military installations in the continental U.S. and the Middle East. Our science and technology work helps our customers focus on their missions…”

What else is interesting about this most outstanding quality organization and its wide group of employed leaders? I will tell you what! It is the mere fact alone that IAP WORLDWIDE Review is always there for disaster relief and response….throughout numerous areas known and unknown throughout the world. Now that, folk, is outstanding service with a smile if I ever saw it! That is IAP!

Let me tell you a bit more. IAP WORLDWIDE’s main website job search page offers dozens upon dozens of job possibilities for either gaining an entry level start into the company or field of industry….or for even advancing further and further within, to great things both with and through the company itself! Indeed I say, that the possibilities here are beyond the sky, so to speak……they are just endless and ever growing! Now is the time to board this train of opportunities.

IAP WORLDWIDE employs people all across the globe in career areas which include, but are most certainly NOT limited to those of: accounting and finance, clerical and administrative, customer service, human resources, legal operations, manufacturing, technology and IT, transportation, and even logistics. College level internships and fully staffed positions are included as well. There is truly much blessing and talent within this large organization, as any one can note….and as the company is also known for in its reputation, among outstanding timely delivery and service.

Among IAP WORLDWIDE’s mission are values, there are included the key core components which make or break any a great organization.

The Fyre Festival Brings Treasure, Music and More to the Bahamas

The Fyre Festival is described as an immersive music festival. This is the high-end, tropical island version of Coachella – and so much more. The festival is scheduled to take place on Fyre Cay in the Exumas. This group of stunningly scenic islands in the Bahamas is already a desirable destination year round. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

Attendees to the festival will fly from Miami on a private plane to a private island. While on the island they will enjoy an amazing music lineup, a long list of outdoor activities and many other events. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

The events and excitement will take place over two consecutive weekends at the end of April and the beginning of May. The organizers have planned four days of great food, art shows and treasure hunting. Over a million in gold and various prizes remain hidden around the island and ticket holders can put their hunting skills to the test and take home whatever they may find.

Like the music lineup, the names and numbers of models and other celebrity attendees has not yet been announced.

What is known is that the festival is more than a fashion show or a concert. It is a vacation experience that includes the VIP treatment, luxurious accommodations and the chance for everyone in attendance to walk away with a pocket full of treasure.