The Untold Story of Ricardo Tosto’s Successful Journey in the Law Sector

Brazil ranks number three in the list of countries with the highest number of law graduates. The country comprises of law institutions that offer over 1,000 postgraduate and undergraduate law courses. The Brazilian National Council of Justice once conducted a survey of law graduates in the country. The council found out that only 800,000 of the 3 million graduates had passed the bar examination.

Brazilian Law Schools

Law schools in Brazil operate with respect to educational guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. If students in a school perform poorly, a specialist from the Commission of Education visits the school for assessment. This specialist meets with the institution’s head and discusses ways of promoting improvement in academics. The Ministry of Education usually regulates Law courses that students perform poorly.

The Federal University of Minas Gerais scooped position one in a survey conducted by Folha de São Paulo University. Law School of São Paulo was ranked second while the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul was ranked third. This research focused on ranking law schools depending on their performance and quality of education.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Due to the high number of law graduates in Brazil, finding a competent and diligent lawyer can be difficult. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the few Brazilian lawyers who have defied all odds to become successful. He acquired his LLB from the globally respected Mackenzie University. Ricardo Tosto enrolled at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and majored in business administration.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm is headquartered in São Paulo. The company has other branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Several law practitioners passed through Leite Tosto e Barros’ internship program under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto. As a commercial litigation expert, high profile individuals and companies have sought Ricardo Tosto’s services.

Igor Cornelsen’s Guide For The Stock Market Based On Entering Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen is someone who likes to keep the principles of investing simple and gives advice for everyone on how they should go about doing it. He grew up in Brazil where he got his degree in economics and banking, and he served several large Brazilian banks throughout his career. Igor Cornelsen also served as council to the Brazilian economics minister during this time and helped guide the nation’s fiscal policies. After many years in the banking industry, Cornelsen decided to retire and move to Florida where he could play golf but still make investments and share advice during his spare time. He is a consultant to Bainbridge Investments on Twitter and has also written columns for news networks on his investment insights.

Igor Cornelsen says for investors to be successful, they can’t look at the stock market as a way to land a big win overnight or get rich quick, but instead need to look at it as a place to plan for their future. He also says investors have to be careful about putting too much in a stock when it seems to do well, because it could also drop very quickly and they could stand to lose a lot. Rather he advises that investors make smaller investments in many different stocks on, bonds or mutual funds in order to have a steadier investment pool and carry less risk. But he also says investors need to make sure the companies they invest in have solid management and a good reputation in business.

Being from Brazil, Igor Cornelsen knows the markets there and believes investing in that country is a good idea at He does says investors should be ready for regulations and banking restrictions that could come with investing, but that there’s opportunity for them to make quite a lot in profits once they do. Cornelsen says investors should get to know Brazilian natives who are ready to offer advice and knowledge about the political climate on He mentions that some banks have restrictions on dealing in foreign exchange and currencies, so investors should do their research on banks before deciding to invest with them.

Nationwide Title Clearing Refurbishes Its Website Allowing Online Ordering

After years of complaints about title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing finally responded to the growing need. Title defects occur in cases when a person lays claim to a property that is owned by someone else and could also include other issues that can make the title invalid. Some of the issues that can render titles invalid include; wordings that don’t comply with real estate standards, failure to include a key party in the transaction, failure to remove liens and other encumbrances and failure to follow the filing procedure.


NTC move to launch the website has been warmly welcome by many homeowners and mortgage lenders because it will provide an easy and fast process of securing property reports. The firm obtains its data from multiple sources such as the counties during its processes. The company has also automated several aspects and has put in place human verification. This makes the company to successfully serve most of the greatest lenders in the United States. It executes its tasks on a heavily audited compliance regulations making it the most preferred firm. The top management of the company attributes its outstanding success to the clear understanding of clients’ needs and development of customized property reports with correct data sets.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a private company based in Palm Harbor, FL and it provides expert research, document processing, and audit services to investors, servicers, mortgage lenders and residential mortgage services in the US. The firm was established in 1991 and has since grown to become the leading and trusted service provider for the residential mortgage industry. The company has a mission to deliver excellent and accurate research, audit and document processing services with the aim of protecting homeowners and helping the mortgage industry while preserving the lands record of the country.


The company is unique in the industry as it performs with great transparency that is evident to all customers. Nationwide Title Clearing has exceptional staffing and training procedures that make the company flexible and able to accommodate and manage sudden changes. Recently, the company launched a new branch office in Dallas, Texas. Due to their excellence performance, the company has won several awards for its constant involvement in the community and philanthropy.




The Life and Career of Bernardo Chua

When it comes to the health and wellness industry, Bernardo Chua has proven to be a leader. He has been involved with these industries for ten years now. Chua is well known for his time with the Organo Gold where he has held the position of chairman and the chief executive officer.

This is a networking company that specializes in marketing its products, making use of the Ganoderma Lacidium, a product used in the southern Asian region as a curative product. Under his leadership, this firm has recorded remarkable success being named as one of the largest network marketing companies in the world.

Bernardo Chua’s mentor is a guy called Leow Soon Seng, who is the founder of a company called Gano Excel Malaysia. The two worked together to establish what came to be referred to as Gano Excel Philippines in the year 1999.

Under his leadership, the company expanded to several nations that include Canada, Hong Kong and the United States of America. This happened in a span of just three years. Several years later, he became the president of Gano Excel USA.

He can speak both English and Filipino. Because of his good work, he has received several awards over the years such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. During this award, he was also recognized as an outstanding global entrepreneur.

According to PR News Wire, to ensure that he keeps touch with his clients and employees, Bernardo Chua can be found on several media platforms such as the Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. On Twitter, Bernardo is known as Bernie, a nickname he acquired several years ago.

Bernardo is a man who believes in hard work and determination as well as a keen business sense. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of employees who will, in the long run, take care of clients. He also posts some of his speeches on YouTube where he talks about various issues including his company’s sponsors.