Arthur Becker Shifts Focus to Real Estate Market

Arthur Becker is a tech investor who is now fully plunging the depths of the real estate market in New York City. Becker’s story is pretty interesting as he went from a stockbroker to one of the biggest entrepreneurs in New York. Now we are getting a chance to report on some of his work in the real estate industry as Summer heats up and more work begins. Arthur Becker has worked in a variety of roles within the real estate realm, from quiet backer to Managing Partner at Madison Partners, and we’re happy to explore those roles today. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

To start things off, Arthur Becker has gotten his hands on a pair of juicy developments within the city. The first development that we want to point out is located on Sullivan Street in downtown Soho. Becker had been investing in a luxury condo project in the area when he was paid out with a trio of townhouses in response to his investment. According to NY Daily News, these townhouses are located on 30 Sullivan Street, 40 Sullivan Street, and 50 Sullivan Street. Though they were not completed when he got them, Becker promised to have the townhouses finished and ready for purchase within 90 days. Becker has been relatively mum on his work with the Sullivan Street project but financial reports show that he’s invested almost $15 million into the project.

For years Arthur Becker has been setting himself up as someone who could be relied upon by working as a quiet backer. Quiet backers typically fund projects from the shadows and reap the rewards without the fanfare. Becker has invested in properties from Robert Gladstone and Madison Equities to Kevin Maloney and his Property Markets Group. Becker’s work with these two real estate juggernauts is inspiring because it placed him right on top of the real estate industry.

Now, Madison Partners is looking to change up the game within New York City. Becker’s work with Madison Partners will be interesting to watch as his company grows, expands, and becomes more comfortable in New York. The company aims to be an investment firm for both real estate and bio technology.

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Karl Heideck Weighs In On How the Finance Market’s Litigation Has Changed in 2017

Karl HeideckCompanies ought to have a cover against financial loss in this day and age when the market is quick silver. There is always the risk of litigation and smart companies will have up to date check books to mitigate against this risk. Litigation financing is a growing market in the industry to help companies stay covered if and when there is a lawsuit.

Otherwise known as third party financing, litigation financing has become a valuable avenue litigants use in pursuing claims. In 2017, it is expected that litigation financing will grow in areas where it was not established. Litigants will have different services depending on the claims they are pursuing. Litigation financing is not keen on being labeled as a solace for clients who are being sued. Litigation financiers are interested in corporates, yet corporates are not keen on opening their business to external financiers.

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Self sustaining organizations’ insurance is cheaper than the fees by litigants. In 2017, lawsuit funding will change making it difficult for lawyers employed by companies to keep track available services. Many options and services will also be available to companies throughout the year.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck practices law specializing in the area of risk management, litigation as well as compliance. Karl Heideck has been a lawyer for eight years. Karl Heideck is an alumnus of Temple University. He is held in esteem by his clients for his listening skills. Karl Heideck, who has been a lawyer for hire since April 2015, charges on an hourly basis for his consultation.

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Kim Dao Explains She Thinks Cats Don’t Like Her Because of Yuki

Kim Dao went to a friend’s house and met her cat, a Himalayan. When Kim Dao tried to go to her, the cat ran under the chair. Kim Dao thinks that the cat probably smells Yuki on her and it is repelling to the  cat. Kim Dao did finally get to hold the cat that looked out and didn’t react to Kim Dao one way or another.


Earlier in the video, Kim Dao was in her bedroom, in her parents’ place, petting Yuki, who was nibbling on a rubber bone. At some point, she tried to nibble at Kim Dao’s beef burrito, and she told Yuki it wasn’t for her. Kim Dao played a little with a handheld video game that she hadn’t played with in over a year.


Kim Dao drove to meet her boyfriend, Eric, for breakfast at E’tempo di Caffe where she ordered smashed avacado and an egg. Eric had a cappuccino and a similar dish to Kim Dao’s with poached egg. Eric was going to go work while Kim Dao stayed at his house and played with his fast internet.

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After a full day, Kim Dao came home to play with Yuki. She says she is going to go back to Japan the next day. Yuki mostly stays with Kim Dao’s parents when she is Japan. This trip she spent time taking yuki to dog parks. On her last night in Australia, Kim Dao and Eric went to Gusto for some icecream, even Yuki came along.


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