The Work Environment of Cotemar Mexico

Cotemar is a truly remarkable company and is revitalizing the way that Mexicans do business in the oilfield industry. They are dedicated to helping Mexico achieve their mark in the fields of oil, gas, and petroleum. Officials at Cotemar realize that today is a great time to get in on the action because of Mexico’s recent oil boom. It is in that vein that those who aspire to work at Cotemar can expect to work in a company that is dedicated to the following three goals:


1) Offshore oil fields development.


Cotemar goes the extra to ensure that all of their offshore oil fields are well-kept and top-notch. They realize that the liability are just too great not to maintain their oil wells, and they realize when they lose money, so do their employees.


2) Maritime support operations


They realize that it is only a team effort that makes an oil field work for everyone. That is why Cotemar values everyone, including the little guy. They encourage all employees to be team players.


3} Transportation


Finally, Cotemar also realizes that the transportation of crew and supplies is of the utmost importance. They use only the most specialized vessels for transporting employees and cargo across the rough sea waters off of the Mexican coast.


One of the great things about Cotemar is that they employ a lot of people who already live in Mexico. They are improving the economy of their home country one step at a time. By investing in their employees, they realize that they will continue to grow and continue to reap rewards off of the oil boom. Working for Cotemar means you will grow right along with the company. Moreover, this company is going to change this industry and help the economy for the Mexican people. There is no question working for this company is an extremely wise career move and will remain so for generations to come.


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End Citizens United: An Organization Working To Give The People Of America A Voice For Change

In 2010, a ruling was passed by the United States Supreme Court, which was called Citizens United. Contrary to the name, it did anything but divide the citizens of America. According to the ruling, big business and people in business could now invest into political parties, without having their motives questioned. The decision allowed these large organizations to receive tax exemption, which means that now political parties were now being used by these influential people as a method of mitigation. This gave way to a lot more than what the people expected it to do. Soon, investments into political parties grew, with individuals with a lot of money lining up and using this as a method to safeguard their property. The corruption within the political systems started growing tremendously, with people dangling the prospect of money in front of political parties to get them to do what they want. In light of all of this happening, people all over the country started to protest against citizens united.


End Citizens United was an organization that was formed as a result of this ruling. With the recent political scene in the United States, numerous people have been coming forward to protest against certain individuals in the political systems and have been questioning their ability to lead the masses. The fact is that individual members of the current ruling party have only attained this position by donating money to the parties. End Citizens United is an organization working to put an end to this injustice that is going on in the system. Since its inception, End Citizens United has gained a lot of public recognition with numerous people coming forward in support of this cause. People believe that the ruling of the supreme court should be overturned and America should go back to the system that it originally followed. The people want transparency in the system and End Citizens United is working to attain this. Within the past one year, the organization has raised millions of dollars in their fight against these unjust systems.


End Citizens United identifies themselves as being a democratic organization, that is in support of the Democratic Party. One of the things that are standing in the way of the ruling being overturned is the Republican Party. End Citizens United believes that through the removal of certain members of the government, the country will be able to fight back against this aptly. However, even though the people want to fight against this, they feel that they aren’t wealthy and powerful enough to do so. End Citizens United aims to give these people a voice so that they can fearlessly go out and express their need for change in the government.



How Property Developer Jason Halpern Preserves History

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a New York City property developer who runs his own firm, JMH Development. He builds in both the residential and hospitality industries. He develops properties in both the city of New York as well as in Miami, Florida. He took over control of the business in 2010 when he inherited it from his family.

The main type of building that Jason Halpern invests in are historical properties. There are a number of rules when repurposing properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places. The overall character of the building must be retained so that the building and neighborhood aren’t changed from their historical significance. Halpern has become a specialist in what is called adaptive reuse which creatively reuses the materials of the building to recreate the building into something that better fits with the modern era all without losing its unique significance.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

One of JMH Development and Jason Halpern’s big projects was using their techniques on the historic Motel Ankara that is located in Miami Beach. Jason and his team completely restored the building and brought it up to a luxury level of sophistication. They also added an eight-story tower which, along with the existing rooms, provides 235 rooms for tourists and other visitors to the hotel. One of the major milestones of the project involved the topping off of the structure in September 2014 which led to the project being completed in the next year.

Jason’s Family

The team that Halpern has built at JMH Development has experts at each phase of a redevelopment project. This includes picking the building to restore, designing the improvements, the actual construction, and branding and marketing of the finished project. He focuses on providing high-end properties.

Another project that was completed in the last few years was in Brooklyn, NY at 184 Kent. This had been a warehouse on the waterfront that many years ago featured the largest grocery store in the nation. It is now a luxury rental property that has become very popular with affluent Millenials. It includes over 17,000 feet of retail space along the ground level with popular stores such as Kidville and Soul Cycle.


Help Save Alabama Sea Turtles While On Vacation

So many people who value eco-consciousness and conservation spend portions of their time volunteering for various centers and causes close to their hearts. At the same time, many like to spend at least some of their free time on a vacation to some interesting locale. That is why a new term was coined, and it is voluntouring which is a hybrid of part vacation and part giving back to the planet.


One of the greatest places to take on such voluntouring is the Gulf Coast of the beautiful state of Alabama. That is an amazing place where, and a great many sea turtles call it their home while they take to the beaches for nesting. Three out of the seven extant species of marine turtles can be found on the coasts of the Yellowhammer State. These are the Loggerhead, Kemps Ridley and green. Of particular interest is that the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Coast are the only regions where the Kemps Ridley sea turtle makes its habitat.


A special program called “Share The Beach” allows hundreds of volunteers to help out with the endangered and threatened species by taking a turn. The percentage of hatchling success has been increased through such great hearts, and other tasks such as searching for nests and educating the public are also part of the duties done. Anyone who wants to make a vacation to the Alabama coast and help out with the turtle nesting season during part of their stay is encouraged to give them a call or visit online.


Wild Ark is a great organization that is giving so much back to the planet in their unique way as well. The stated mission is to secure parts of the discovered green belts because there is just so much diversity and amazing in those parts. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson founded the group, and they have already helped so many places and educated segments of society about the important of conservationism. So many of the Wild Ark travel destinations have incredible ecosystems which need a little help from the humans who share the world with them, and so they are great to check out online as well.


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Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Properties

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is one of the finest developers in the world, and he is quite aware of how simple it is to create a better place to live and work around the Middle East. He has done quite a lot of work in the region to ensure that people always have a place to live, and he is ensuring that all the major city centers in the region are given a better chance to grow.

He is aware of what is needed to grow the region, and this article explains how he is making his mark.

#1: His Buildings

The Hussain Sajwani family is working around his company, and they are engaged in a number of activities that will help their business grow. The company is becoming one of the largest developers in the world, and the family works quite hard to create better places for people to visit when they come to the area. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

There are quite a few people who are searching for a new place to live or work, and they find what they need when visiting his buildings.

#2: Giving Back

Sajwani Hussain gives back to the community in a number of ways, and he is willing to give donations to charities that need his help. He wants to reach people when they are not in a good place, and he wants them to know that there are those in the world who will give for their benefit. Someone who is receiving services from a charity in the region will feel better knowing someone such as Hussain has given generously.

#3: The Connections

There are many connections that Hussain has made, and he believes that he may grow better properties by reaching out to partners around the world. He knows many people including the President of the United States, and he knows that he may build better communities in his region with the connections he has made.

There are quite a few people who will benefit from the world that Hussain has done with his company. He knows how simple it is to make the Middle East a better place to live.