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How Phil Diehl has influenced the operations of the U.S. Money Reserve

The catastrophe witnessed in Harvey

Helping the community is one of the most important things that a company can do to help the people. In as much an organization can be involved in other activities throughout the world, helping the society during the times of need and trouble will be remembered for ages.

In the past few weeks, Harvey experienced one of the biggest hurricanes ever seen in the state of Austin. 82 people died in the process, and hundreds of thousands of others lost their properties and houses.

The hurricane was not expected, and not even a single resident managed to carry any of the properties along with them.

The U.S. Money Reserve, through the influence of Phil Diehl, has vowed to support the families that were displaced during the havoc. The company will cooperate with the state to help the displaced individuals get their compensations back. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

From the governor of the state, the property that was lost to the hurricane was worth $180 billion. Since the U.S. Money Reserve has its headquarters in the state, it treated the victims as members of the same family based on the location.

The management techniques of Phil Diehl

As the CEO of the company, Phil Diehl is the man that is constantly in the spotlight. Dealing with precious metals can be very tricky. There are competitors who are dealing with illegal business and would want to see the company fail. Phil has used his image and strength in management to gain the trust of both the employees and the customers.

In his plans of management, Phil has ensured the employees are made comfortable in their work. Ensuring the comfort of the employees makes them have a positive attitude which translates to a quality service to the customers.

Offering quality services

The U.S. Money Reserve has the happiest customers in the United States. The customers are constantly satisfied with the services that the company offers. In 2002 when the company was incepted, the number of clients was only about 10000.

Because of the continuity of quality services, the customer base increased from there to the current population of 400000 people. The company ensured that the quality of the services offered to the public would be the marketing factors.

From the testimonials of the customers, referrals formed the major part of the working strategies. The customers were marketing the services of the company without knowing it.

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Mike Baur Mentors Young Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur’s story starts with a day-in and day-out job. For Mike Baur, his job was more of a career. He actually loved his first job and stayed with the industry for 20 years. Since he was a young man, growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland, he’s loved finance.

Even before earning his business degrees, he joined the finance industry. His first job was at Union Bank of Switzerland. The guy hiring Baur immediately realized he was special. He gave Baur a step by step guide to how to succeed at the company. He even listed the promotions he expected Baur to achieve before retirement.

His hiring manager was almost right. Baur did receive numerous promotions, but working at UBS wasn’t meant to be his final venture. In 2008, he moved to Zurich to work at Clariden Leu. He immediately held high-ranking positions at the company, but he still wasn’t as happy as he wanted to be.

In 2014, left Clariden Leu and joined Max Meister and launched Swiss Startup Factory. This incubator program helps young tech entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. SSUF offers mentoring, training services, and for some, free office space and financial aid.

Since co-founding SSUF, Baur’s been much happier. He loves going to work and interacting with all the aspiring entrepreneurs. He even participated in the START Summiteer, which is a pitching contest for up and coming businesses. He served as one of the jurors with their 2014 contest.

As his new business began to grow, he couldn’t let go of his 20-year finance career. He founded Think Reloaded as a way to bridge his two loves. It didn’t take long before Think Reloaded began working with SSUF. Their partnership eventually attracted BV4. Now, Baur and Meister are integral members of the BV4 team.

Now that Swiss Startup Factory is thriving, there’s a lot to admire. SSUF is the largest independent incubator program in the country. That freedom allows them to explore every opportunity with no fear of interference of conflicts of interest. Having co-founders who financially support the company allows the brand to do more.

Mike Baur left behind a lucrative office job to be an entrepreneur. His career in banking was predicted long ago, yet, he left to pursue happiness. That’s a lesson that every entrepreneur should learn about.


Larkin & Lacey

It has been drilled into our heads from the time of early childhood that “civil rights” is associated with racial minorities in the United States, especially African American people.

However, civil rights is an issue for everyone of every race, religion, personality type, gender, ethnicity, interest and place in life. One of these places in life is that of a laborer. Most human beings are laborers.

They do jobs, whether it be physically strenuous and hazardous jobs like construction and and coal mining, or white color jobs like receptionists. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

There are various types of artists, professionals, people who do physically strenuous work and customer service people. Everyone who works is at a huge risk of having their human rights crushed by employers.

There are numerous regulations that have been erected to prevent employer abuses. These regulations help, though some abusive employers slip through the cracks, unfortunately. People form unions when they want to come to together under one voice and exert weight, politically.

The number of unions is pretty large in the United States of America. Union membership is not at the same rate all over the country. For example, in places like New York, there is a lot of union activity and a large percentage of people are in unions. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In the Southern part of the United States, union membership is all the way down. Unions do exist in the South, though that area of the country has a long history of not being big with union membership. In books, they say that this is because powerful, corrupt local governments with a lot of political pull and goons kept unions out.

However, there is also reason to believe that many local residents in the South may have had a sour taste in their mouth about unions. It is pretty reasonable for people to feel like that, because on the negative side, unions tend to be very much politically charged.

Sometimes violence and conflict follows union activity. Also, when a union comes into an industry, there may be disparities between union members and non-union members, and people who want to go into unions may find it really hard to get in.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is not a labor union; it is an organization based on identity—immigrant status, race, sexual preference and sexual identity. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey give their funds to identity organizations such as Hispanic organizations, immigrant organizations and LGBTQ organizations.

Tobias Jaeger

AXIOM Venture Capital’s Managing Partner Tobias Jaeger has helped the company become a leading consulting and boutique advisory firm. Through his experience working with ventures in e-gaming, entertainment, and finance, Tobias Jaeger conceived the plan that led to the creation of AXIOM Venture Capital. This company helps create financial and business solutions for their clients who work in the entertainment industry. To pinpoint investments for film projects, Mr. Jaeger started AXIOM Pictures, a European television and film equity fund.

Tobias Jaeger attended Maastricht University and Texas A&M University, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in International Business. While he was still a student, he developed Business Associates of Europe, which combined university students with business consultants to help companies in the Netherlands and Europe. After graduation, he gained experience in the industry of e-gaming, and as Managing Director, he started Entrepreneur Academy. The Academy helped entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Europe by providing courses in personality empowerment.

Upon completing his tour of duty with the German Armed Forces in 2006, he saw a need to raise awareness and increase support for the German military. “Support German Troops” was co-founded by Mr. Jaeger and this initiative has helped raise donations and support for the families of those serving in the German Armed Forces.

Prior to his work with AXIOM, Tobias Jaeger begin to develop his media business skills when he created a documentary for “Thought For Food”, a Swiss initiative dedicated to finding new ways to feed the world. Filming took place in the United States, India, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Kenya.

In day-to-day operations, he works to achieve results by working on the tasks that have the highest priority. He believes in doing research so he can make the best decisions possible, but he will also rely on his first impressions about a project or issue. Talking to people outside of the business helps him to stay receptive to new ideas and possibilities. Tobias Jaeger has appeared on WirtschaftTV, a German news network where he has offered his commentary on the current events happening in entertainment and media. Tobias loves to travel and has been to more than 43 countries, he is also fluent in six languages. He currently lives in Berlin with his wife and son.


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InnovaCare Health leadership in healthcare industry

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare management company globally due to its Innovative Health ideas, cheap medical models, and exemplary leaders such as Rick Shinto.In today’s health sector, the market is turning more complex and adapting technological innovations in providing affordable and effective services. InnovaCare Health has carved its niche in such a market.The company provides top-notch Medicare, Medicaid Advantage Plans, and Physician Practice Services.

InnovaCare Health Leadership

Just like other great companies, InnovaCare Health is blessed with experienced leaders like Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto, and Mike Sortino. Rick Shinto is the current President and CEO. He has extensive experience in managing healthcare operations and clinical services.Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto served as the;

Rick Shinto’s education background

Dr. Shinto has credible academic background that has enabled him to thrive in healthcare sector. This sector requires intellects with power to lead and drive changes through application of the knowledge in proving solution to social health problems.Dr. Shinto is an MBA holder from the University of Redlands and also M.D accredited by State University of New York based in Stony Brook. He did his Medical Tenure in Pulmonologist & Internist from the University of California.

Dr. Shinto’s awards

The MBA holder has received a lot of recognition at both national and international level. His contribution to health sector has received tremendous appreciation by the sector leaders.Western University awarded him ‘Access to Caring’ award due to his contribution in ensuring that the poor gain access to quality healthcare services.On their leadership arsenal, InnovaCare Health also has another experienced leader, who has been in forefront for over two decades in driving changes in the health industry.Penelope Kokkinides has worked with the government in providing Medicaid and Medicare. She is academically fit in this sector, with Master’s Degree in Social Work from the New York University, Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University School, and Degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides worked as COO of Touchstone Health, Disease Management at AmeriChoice, Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare.On her interview with, Penelope Kokkinides mentioned that she attributes her success to the team behind her. She said that their unity and interdependence had enabled them to be productive.Kokkinides appreciated how technology is bringing people close and transforming business. Due to her nature of work, she travels a lot, but technology enables her to stay connected with her relatives while executing her job responsibilities.Mike Sortino serves as Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare Health. He has worked with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company and CFO for over five years at HCC Specialty.The leadership of InnovaCare Health has added top-notch experience and skills to its already strong management.

InnovaCare Health

The company provides healthcare services in Puerto Rico with MMM Healthcare Inc (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice Inc as its subsidiaries. The company as manages Government Health Plan (GHP) Medicaid Plan in Puerto Rico.Recently the company announced partnership with Health Care Learning and Action Network (LAN), a program seeking to reform payment models on the basis of quality and not quantity.

One Fund To Rule Them All

– How The Soros Fund Changed The World

Being in charge of the money of others is a stressful job. Just read one autobiography of any prominent Wall Street figure, and you will know. As fickle as the markets are, hedge fund managers face the same difficulties when trading other people’s money. And all of this is necessary. Not one financial mogul can escape it.

In that case, how does a fund the like the Soros Fund change the landscape while beating the market year after year? The answer to this is by no means simple. It started with a simple university education for George Soros. He then took that education and made something of himself. At this time, he was mentored and employed in London.

Here is also where he made a name for himself. Before starting the Soros Fund, George had to achieve something substantial. And that’s just what he did. After changing the markets of Europe and becoming rich by it, he then began this mutual fund that his name is recognized through and to this day. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

But Just Imagine Life without George Soros

There’s not a fund yet that compares to what George Soros alone built.

Though George Soros retired from the financial industry as a full-time profession, his words still influence all society. It’s Mr. Soros’ family who now operates the business as he stands back and watches.

As romantic as that may sound, George is still heavily involved in the work.

When opportunities arise and needs must be met, all it takes is for this one man to utter the right words and an entire economy will be moved. So if we consider that this type of influence no longer exists, what we see is a large void. Learn more on about George Soros.

What We Can Learn In The End

With power and influence comes a great responsibility. It’s therefore important that the right people are in place who have this influence. Today, we learned of and spoke of the great influencer George Soros. This man came from a lowly past. He sought a better life. In time, this is what came to him and with exceptional results.

After being able to do for himself what he wished for other, he committed his life to charity. The influence of George Soros then grew but only affected the world and in the most positive manner we know.

Let this legacy and name continue and the lessons we learn remain clear.

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How Property Developer Jason Halpern Preserves History

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a New York City property developer who runs his own firm, JMH Development. He builds in both the residential and hospitality industries. He develops properties in both the city of New York as well as in Miami, Florida. He took over control of the business in 2010 when he inherited it from his family.

The main type of building that Jason Halpern invests in are historical properties. There are a number of rules when repurposing properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places. The overall character of the building must be retained so that the building and neighborhood aren’t changed from their historical significance. Halpern has become a specialist in what is called adaptive reuse which creatively reuses the materials of the building to recreate the building into something that better fits with the modern era all without losing its unique significance.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

One of JMH Development and Jason Halpern’s big projects was using their techniques on the historic Motel Ankara that is located in Miami Beach. Jason and his team completely restored the building and brought it up to a luxury level of sophistication. They also added an eight-story tower which, along with the existing rooms, provides 235 rooms for tourists and other visitors to the hotel. One of the major milestones of the project involved the topping off of the structure in September 2014 which led to the project being completed in the next year.

Jason’s Family

The team that Halpern has built at JMH Development has experts at each phase of a redevelopment project. This includes picking the building to restore, designing the improvements, the actual construction, and branding and marketing of the finished project. He focuses on providing high-end properties.

Another project that was completed in the last few years was in Brooklyn, NY at 184 Kent. This had been a warehouse on the waterfront that many years ago featured the largest grocery store in the nation. It is now a luxury rental property that has become very popular with affluent Millenials. It includes over 17,000 feet of retail space along the ground level with popular stores such as Kidville and Soul Cycle.


Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Properties

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is one of the finest developers in the world, and he is quite aware of how simple it is to create a better place to live and work around the Middle East. He has done quite a lot of work in the region to ensure that people always have a place to live, and he is ensuring that all the major city centers in the region are given a better chance to grow.

He is aware of what is needed to grow the region, and this article explains how he is making his mark.

#1: His Buildings

The Hussain Sajwani family is working around his company, and they are engaged in a number of activities that will help their business grow. The company is becoming one of the largest developers in the world, and the family works quite hard to create better places for people to visit when they come to the area. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

There are quite a few people who are searching for a new place to live or work, and they find what they need when visiting his buildings.

#2: Giving Back

Sajwani Hussain gives back to the community in a number of ways, and he is willing to give donations to charities that need his help. He wants to reach people when they are not in a good place, and he wants them to know that there are those in the world who will give for their benefit. Someone who is receiving services from a charity in the region will feel better knowing someone such as Hussain has given generously.

#3: The Connections

There are many connections that Hussain has made, and he believes that he may grow better properties by reaching out to partners around the world. He knows many people including the President of the United States, and he knows that he may build better communities in his region with the connections he has made.

There are quite a few people who will benefit from the world that Hussain has done with his company. He knows how simple it is to make the Middle East a better place to live.

Richard Smith Steers Securus Technologies to Win the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Securus Technologies received the finalist honors for the 2017 Stevie Awards for sales and customer relations after shrugging off competition from over 2,300 nominations. This is quite an achievement bearing in mind that Securus deals with civil and criminal justice tech solutions that put it in constant partnership with investigators, law enforcers and correctional facilities.

The Stevie Award is testimony to Richard Smith’s efforts since he joined the company back in 2008. Securus Technologies has cemented its position as a reputable service provider who not only offers resilient solutions to law enforcers but is also that vital link between inmates and the outside world.

To Mr Smith, every inmate deserves a chance to talk to family or loved ones whenever they please. They are also eligible to great service at the cafeteria and be kept safe from malicious inmates. This philosophy resonates in all Securus Technologies solutions.

A recent survey conducted to have stakeholders share their views on incarceration facility technological solutions also proves that Rick Smith, and Securus Technologies, is more interested in making law enforcement and correctional facilities a safer place for everyone. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

About Richard Smith

His engineering background coupled with the MBA make him the perfect leadership material for technology based agencies like Securus. His strong character and the bravery to speak out whenever need there be has made him the perfect CEO who will go to the extremest but acceptable ends to protect the reputation of the company under his care in this otherwise volatile niche.

He has been the president and Chief Executive Office at Securus Technologies Inc for over 8 years now. Before working at Securus, Rick was the Eschelon Telecom President and Coo and he also holds a board membership position at Integra Telecom Co Ltd. His vast experience has made him the perfect person to stay at the very top of Securus Technology, a company that offers technological solutions to correctional facilities across the nation.


The changes that are happening at Innovacare with Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The healthcare system in Puerto Rico was very different before Innovacare got to the scene. Six years after they introduced their managed healthcare services, the patients are happy and the registration of new clients has been doubling every consecutive year. Most of the success of the company has come from the quality of the services that they offer their customers and also the leadership that is at the top of the company. The two people that are at the top of the leadership pile are Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Richard is the current CEO while Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer.

The Chief Administrative officer to the company, Penelope Kokkinides did an interview with Ideamensch about the current job and the practices that have helped her get to the level where she currently is. She stated that there are a few things that she believes in that have been the driving force for the success in the past. The first of the principles that have led to her success is making sure that each day she spends is unique and unlike any of the others. She adds that maintaining a level of activity throughout the day keeps the ideas flowing and that the freshness of the air is something that makes her mind tick. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

The other question that she was asked was how she manages to change abstract ideas into live concepts. She stated that her secret weapon in this area is the team that she has behind her. She added that the success that she is enjoying at a personal level and the success that Innovacare has seen in the past is the result of the team work that has been applied in all of the projects that they take on. She added that as a person who travels a lot, she has also learned the value of relying on technology to communicate. The beauty of instant communication is to that it makes it easier to organize and coordinate the activities of the entire team in the simplest ways.


Richard Shinto has a similar approach to leadership as that of Penelope. He has been working in the managed healthcare business for the past two decades. Other companies that he had worked with previously include MMM and Aventa Health. There was also a time when he was the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM. He studied at NYU before getting an MBA from the University of Redlands.

View her infographic resume at