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The Tragic Death of Anton Yelchin


Sometimes, budding actors and actresses depart from us so quickly that it astonishes us. Such was the case with Anton Yelchin. Yelchin died at only 27 years old in an accident that no one can explain. A vehicle struck him in front of his home and pinned him to his security fence. The coroner confirmed that the incident caused his death by crushing his chest. All of Yelchin’s co-stars, friends and family members were almost speechless when they heard of his departure, and attended his celebrity funeral.



Yelchin’s figure-skating parents brought him to the U.S. at the young age of six months, and they just knew he was going to be an actor. He had his first role when he was nine years old, and his career exploded quickly. In 2006, he played the part of a real life kidnapped and murdered school kid in the movie “Alpha Dog.” Although he did movies before then, he started getting more frequent gigs after “Alpha Dog.” He appeared in movies such as “Star Trek,” “The Smurfs, “Fright Night,” “Terminator Salvation” and more. Yelchin was at the point where he was putting out five movies in one year at times. His fans will deeply miss him and will continue to be puzzled by his abrupt separation from them. Only God knows why his time came.



Yelchin’s family held a private service for him that consisted of only his closest family and friends. His family didn’t want to make the funeral a huge media event. Yelchin is currently resting at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in California.  With Star Trek he’s entered into one of the best movies of all time.