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What Does Fabletics Stand For?

History of Fabletics
The history of Fabletics is short but impressive. The online subscription company was founded by a trio of brilliant minds in July of 2013. This trio consisted of Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Together the team wanted to create a line of fashionable athletic wear for the healthy, active, and fashion-conscious women in America. An individual would subscribe to Fabletics, fill out a short and personal survey about their lifestyle habits, and receive a custom created athletic outfit that met their own personal needs. Due to the unprecedented success that the company received, a decision was made to expand. Fabletics then opened up to include men’s fashionable athletic wear, affectionately called FL2, in June of 2015. This massive expansion to include men lead to a spike in popularity and online presence.

October of 2015 was a milestone in the company’s history because it marked the date that it a handful of retail stores were opened up in malls owned and operated by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc. This expansion from internet-only sales helped to reach individuals that could not purchase online, did not feel comfortable with purchasing clothing online, or did not know about the company at all based only on their online presence. With stores in five locations thriving, Fabletics announced in February 2016 that they would be opening an additional 75 to 100 locations within the next 3 to 5 years.

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Kate Hudson
Many people around the world know Kate Hudson’s name. She has appeared with multiple media sources, including popular movies and television shows. She is an active individual with a health-conscious mind that she wanted to share with the people she loved. For this reason, she teamed with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to provide the women she loved with athletic wear that was comfortable, stylish, and efficient.

Kate Hudson has been known to emphatically speak about Fabletics as being an all-inclusive brand of athletic wear. She loves talking about the company’s approach to addressing all levels of active individuals from fitness fanatics to even the most casual of athletes. This survey helps the individuals at Fabletics to custom-create a new look for each subscriber every month that they choose to subscribe. Kate Hudson is also very excited and thrilled to talk about the extended range of sizes that Fabletics offers. She feels as though the range in sizes allows individuals that may not otherwise be able to wear fashionable athletic wear to wear something that not only fits, but makes them feel like they are not outcasts. Being an all inclusive athleisure company means that they not only offer an extended range of sizes to women, but they also offer fashionable athletic wear in a range of size for men.

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