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Cotemar Is A Socially Responsible Company

Cotemar firmly believes in its values. There are a lot of activities which are undertaken to strengthen the well-being of people as well as the community. They also take care of the environment. This way all their actions are consistent with their business ethics.



Cotemar works with transparency. There are honesty and professionalism here. Their work is based on the code of ethics. Their most important value is their people. Their human development efforts are designed to sum their talents that allow them to achieve success for their company.



At Cotemar, one can expect a healthy organizational climate to work in. There is total respect for human dignity. Cotemar has no discrimination, abuse, or harassment of any kind. There is no child labor in any of their operations.



Cotemar is totally committed to its community. They are promoting projects that are facilitating the access of vulnerable groups to opportunities leading to a better quality of life. The business ethics are incomplete without providing a social benefit.



There needs to be responsible marketing. This would mean developing a relationship of trust with the clients. This is achieved by offering high-quality services that can take care of the health as well as the safety of people.



For suppliers and stakeholders, Cotemar is an allied company. This is because they firmly believe in the sustainability of their business. Hence it is important to support this development of their chain of trust.



Respect for the environment can be clearly seen in all their operations. Clean technologies are used to carry out actions that can take care of the environment.



Cotemar can support its reputation through the strict fulfillment of all its commitments. This would mean commitments with their people, clients, as well as authorities besides the chain of trust. The legal and fiscal obligations need to be covered. There needs to be compliance with regulations.



The collaborators of Cotemar have to know and live their mission, vision as well as institutional values. This is required to become a part of the Cotemar Sustainability Scheme



The corporate ethics incorporate those guidelines which will ensure the transparency as well as values of their company. After all, Cotemar is a value that is based on an economic, social as well as environmental commitment. They foster the development of people as well as their families this way and promote value.

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