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Doe Deere Interview Recap

Russian-born beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. In a 2015 interview with IdeaMensch, Deere talked about Lime Crime’s philosophy that cosmetics can empower their wearers to express themselves. Read interview here:


Deere emigrated from Russia to New York when she was 17. Initially, she wanted to be a musician. She started selling her handmade fashions on eBay in 2004, developing her eye for violently colorful styles. But Deere had a hard time finding the right cosmetics to go with her fashion stylings. In 2008, Deere launched Lime Crime’s line of vivid, imaginative cosmetics. All of her products were, and are, cruelty-free.


Self-Made Magazine has since named Doe Deere as one of its Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She made the cover of the magazine alongside such self-made women as Ariana Huffington and Suze Orman. Deere told Galore Magazine it felt “surreal” but “good” to receive the honor.


As someone who started from a small, home-based business, she makes it her mission to support other women-owned small businesses. She’s a much-sought-after speaker at conferences, where she encourages others to follow their business dreams, and she loves to mentor other women looking to found their own companies.


“Trust your gut,” Deere told IdeaMensch when asked about her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Asked if she would do anything differently if she had to do it all over again, Deere said she would start earlier.


Deere also stressed the importance of approaching her business colleagues with respect and love. Her business philosophy includes reminding herself that every member of the team wants to be appreciated. In her 21st-century business model, leading the company means working with chemists to help develop her products and trying each one personally before adding it to her product line.


Lime Crime’s fans are called Unicorns. Deere enjoys the fanciful label, explaining how it expresses the individuality of the patrons of her company’s brightly colored offerings. Unicorns regularly follow Deere’s latest styles on her popular Instagram account.


Extending her cruelty-free philosophy to her approach to charitable giving, Deere’s favorite cause is a no-kill animal shelter for cats and dogs. Her love of animals even runs into her personal life. Deere is a proud cat-mom of three, including two rescues.


Amazing Fabletics

Fabletics is an active wear clothing line. The company is co founded by Kate Hudson. She became interested in this line because she wanted to inspire women to lead healthy and active lives. This company operates on a monthly membership structure. The company has many perks. If you sign up as a VIP member you receive your first outfit for $25. Who can beat an entire workout outfit for that price? Although there is a monthly fee, you are not entitled to pay the fee every month. If you do not find anything that catches your eyes, you are able to skip the month.


Fabletics is a great place to receive athletic gear for a nice price. They always have a nice deal. Who doesn’t want an entire outfit for $10? Reviews from the Krazy Coupon Lady shows just how happy some customers are. Alex Garcia wrote “So it’s $14.95 when said and done if I only get the one outfit? Still not too bad”. Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit, writes about how amazed she is with company. She explains the four areas that Fabletics is great in. She loves their quality. The quality is great, a lot better than what is expected for the price. She love the variety of styles that they offer. The Value is great. They are better than some expensive brands. She will recommend Fabletics for people who are patient and willing to wait for packages to come in the mail. After her blog, many people have tried Fabletics and are satisfied with their merchandise. The satisfaction is every where! McKenna Mathiesen wrote to Trust Pilot, “This site offers tons of great offers and provides tons of variety through patterns and colors!” She have the site 5 stars. “Awesome!! Everyone should try this out”. This came from another happy customer name Patricia Wolff , posted to Trust Pilot. As we can see this company is all around amazing. Product and pricing will amaze you. You will not be disappointed if you shop Fabletics.

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Lime Crime Emerges As A Makeup Industry Leader

Lime Crime has 2 million followers on Instagram. There are people that have never heard of the brand though. This means two things. The first thing that this means is that there is a lot of interest in this product. The second thing that this means is that social media is very important for the growth of this company. Doe Deere has managed to give people access to shades of lipstick that may not be available anywhere else. That is what has made people stop and look at this company as a unique brand that is unlike Sephora or Revlon.


Doe Deere is the CEO with this company, and she has marketed this company in a way that was bound to separate it from the other companies that were out there. She has many bold lipstick colors that are making people notice this brand, but that was only the beginning. People recognize this brand because it is associated with the unicorn. It is called “Unicorn Makeup” by Lime Crime, and available from all major retailers. This is a symbol that makes people recognize their brand instantly. Revlon or Cover Girl do not have any mascots or symbols. That is something that is very distinct. That makes it possible for young girls to connect directly to this brand.


The bright colors will attract young girls, so this a second aspect of marketing that shows that Doe Deere is building this customer base of young girls and women that are willing to experiment with new brands. Many older women that are set in their ways may be less inclined to try new brands of cosmetics. The millennials, however, have not claimed any type of loyalty to anyone. This is the reason that she is able to attract a lot of young customers that have never worn any makeup before. Lime Crime connects with youth through social media.