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Foresite Capital Makes Important Investment Decisions under the Guidance of Jim Tananbaum

ForeSite Capital is a healthcare equity firm. The company offers growth to emerging leaders in healthcare. The main headquarters of the firm is in San Francisco, and it has a branch in New York.

Recently, Foresite Capital announced that it had formed a partnership with Molly He, Ph.D. Dr. He is the former Illumina senior director and has more than fifteen year’s genomic and pharmaceutical research experience. In this position, Dr. He is responsible for improvement and innovation of the company’s protein reagent. Dr. He studied bachelors in Biochemistry at Nankai University and also has a Ph.D. from the University of California in protein biophysics. Dr. He also served at Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences and was responsible for the development of protein reagent.

Dr. Molly has ten years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. During this period, she focused on molecule drugs and the antibody structural–based design that targets the immune system and cancer. So far, Dr. He has over twenty patent applications in personalized medicine and next generation sequencing and has published on Bloomberg more than twenty papers.

Molly is a respected scientific researcher when it comes to next-generation sequencing, and Jim Tananbaum is thrilled to welcome her to Foresite Capital. According to Jim, she will be resourceful at Foresite because of her good track record of quality leadership. She will be essential for the expansion and diversification of Forsite Capital’s transformational company portfolio. Dr. He has also confirmed that she is excited to join the Foresite Capital dynamic team and is delighted to get an opportunity to grow the sequencing portfolio which is possibly the breakthrough for drug discovery and clinical research.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and chief executive officer of Foresite Capital. He has invested assets worth $ 1.1 billion under management. Jim Tananbaum went to the medical school of Harvard and founded Geltex that brought into the market two drugs at less than $80 million. He was also the chief executive officer and founder of Theravance.

Jim Tananbaum has more than twenty years’ experience in healthcare investment. He co-founded two leading health care investment practices and two biopharmaceutical companies. Jim Tananbaum is a force to reckon in the healthcare industry.  Check out his full profile on

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One Fund To Rule Them All

– How The Soros Fund Changed The World

Being in charge of the money of others is a stressful job. Just read one autobiography of any prominent Wall Street figure, and you will know. As fickle as the markets are, hedge fund managers face the same difficulties when trading other people’s money. And all of this is necessary. Not one financial mogul can escape it.

In that case, how does a fund the like the Soros Fund change the landscape while beating the market year after year? The answer to this is by no means simple. It started with a simple university education for George Soros. He then took that education and made something of himself. At this time, he was mentored and employed in London.

Here is also where he made a name for himself. Before starting the Soros Fund, George had to achieve something substantial. And that’s just what he did. After changing the markets of Europe and becoming rich by it, he then began this mutual fund that his name is recognized through and to this day. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

But Just Imagine Life without George Soros

There’s not a fund yet that compares to what George Soros alone built.

Though George Soros retired from the financial industry as a full-time profession, his words still influence all society. It’s Mr. Soros’ family who now operates the business as he stands back and watches.

As romantic as that may sound, George is still heavily involved in the work.

When opportunities arise and needs must be met, all it takes is for this one man to utter the right words and an entire economy will be moved. So if we consider that this type of influence no longer exists, what we see is a large void. Learn more on about George Soros.

What We Can Learn In The End

With power and influence comes a great responsibility. It’s therefore important that the right people are in place who have this influence. Today, we learned of and spoke of the great influencer George Soros. This man came from a lowly past. He sought a better life. In time, this is what came to him and with exceptional results.

After being able to do for himself what he wished for other, he committed his life to charity. The influence of George Soros then grew but only affected the world and in the most positive manner we know.

Let this legacy and name continue and the lessons we learn remain clear.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Contributions In The Health Sector

We can all agree that the health sector has made significant strides towards efficiency and effectiveness. The sector is no longer scrawny and chaotic as it used to be. It is now in the hands of professionals who work round the clock to ensure they eradicate or at least reduce the effects of deadly diseases. Among those professionals, Jim Tananbaum stands out for his great contributions and unmatched achievements. Jim is an entrepreneur who strives to ensure innovations are embraced in the heath sector. Through his company, Foresite Capital, Jim invests in emerging healthcare companies by providing them with resources, information, guidance, networks, and capital.

Jim Tananbaum is a business leader with about 25 years of experience in healthcare entrepreneurship and business financing. His role at Foresite Capital is to provide strategic operational and financing opportunities to develop healthcare businesses. Under his leadership, Foresite has improved its investment strategies, organizational structure, and has played a significant role in the rise of more than 21 companies. According to, some of the companies that Foresite invested in include Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira, a pharmaceutical company that was later sold to Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Foresite Capital is not Jim Tananbaum’s first venture; his journey started right after University when he founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals. The company is acclaimed for developing two drugs, NASDAQ and GENZ, which revolutionized the health sector. GelTex was later sold in 1998 in a deal that according to Bloomberg, valued it at $1.6 billion. After selling his first company, Jim Tananbaum went on to launch Theravance and served as its CEO. The company later merged with Theravance Biopharma. Today, the two companies have a market value of more than 3.2 billion.

Tananbaum earned his B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale University. He also received an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. The renowned entrepreneur also holds an M.S. from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His unmatched skills have seen him serve on the Advisory Board and Visiting Committee of Harvard University and Yale University respectively. Recognized for his unique investment skills and contributions, Jim appeared among the top 100 investors on the Midas List for three years consecutively. Information sourced from


Madison Street Capital Provides a Service of Excellency for Their Clients

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. A middle market investing firm for banks, the company provides a multitude of financial related services including business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, opinions having to do with financial decisions for middle market companies, and corporate advisory. Madison Street Capital has been there to assist clients across a wide spectrum of industry types. They understand that every individual company’s needs will differ and thus will require a specialized analysis given the client’s requirements and precise recommendations to cut down any time wasted on either party’s part. Madison Street Capital is concerned, not only with ensuring that the Madison Street Capital reputation stays in a positive light with all their clients, but to also ensure that the client’s reputation is also left in good standing.


By making sure that each client is provided with only the highest quality mergers and acquisitions, or M&A, Madison Street Capital’s advisory services are always kept up to date for the market standards. They aim to assist all clients with their company’s true value in mind. By doing business this way, Madison Street Capital sees to all essential aspects to the process and can provide their clients with an accurate picture of what potential they have presently as well as in tackling any future endeavors while collaborating.


Identifying the best fit for a corporate advisory service may be a big challenge for some middle market business owners. Finding a company whose values fall in line with their company’s own while also being able to fit all their needs well can be a difficult thing to try and weight out the pros and cons to. Since there is such a competitive marketplace out there offering many services, the options can also be overwhelming. Finding a reliable advisor to get to work with, when sifting among the many options available, can lead to much indecision which ends up making valuable time go to waste that could have better been spent working towards viable financial solutions.


Those business owners who are seeking out favorable lending, acquisitions, and/or are trying to build a sound exit strategy for their company, may find the financial relief they’ve been looking for by turning to a firm like Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital shares a rich history within the financial industry and their reputation to strive for nothing short of excellence is what sets them apart in the field of financial and corporate advisory.


Igor Cornelsen’s Guide For The Stock Market Based On Entering Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen is someone who likes to keep the principles of investing simple and gives advice for everyone on how they should go about doing it. He grew up in Brazil where he got his degree in economics and banking, and he served several large Brazilian banks throughout his career. Igor Cornelsen also served as council to the Brazilian economics minister during this time and helped guide the nation’s fiscal policies. After many years in the banking industry, Cornelsen decided to retire and move to Florida where he could play golf but still make investments and share advice during his spare time. He is a consultant to Bainbridge Investments on Twitter and has also written columns for news networks on his investment insights.

Igor Cornelsen says for investors to be successful, they can’t look at the stock market as a way to land a big win overnight or get rich quick, but instead need to look at it as a place to plan for their future. He also says investors have to be careful about putting too much in a stock when it seems to do well, because it could also drop very quickly and they could stand to lose a lot. Rather he advises that investors make smaller investments in many different stocks on, bonds or mutual funds in order to have a steadier investment pool and carry less risk. But he also says investors need to make sure the companies they invest in have solid management and a good reputation in business.

Being from Brazil, Igor Cornelsen knows the markets there and believes investing in that country is a good idea at He does says investors should be ready for regulations and banking restrictions that could come with investing, but that there’s opportunity for them to make quite a lot in profits once they do. Cornelsen says investors should get to know Brazilian natives who are ready to offer advice and knowledge about the political climate on He mentions that some banks have restrictions on dealing in foreign exchange and currencies, so investors should do their research on banks before deciding to invest with them.

Cone Marshall Grows To Become An International Tax And Trust Law Firm

In New Zealand, the issuance of services connected to the justice system has grown into a whole industry and different law firms have established systems that can help individuals to access support for cases in different categories. One of the law firms that has transformed the scene of law in the country is Cone Marshall, a leading provider of litigation services that works with clients looking for tax and trust law services.


The firm has been in the industry since 1999 and it has earned a reputation for being the only in the country to specialize in one field of law. Their services are unique and backed by the need to uphold integrity and fairness. This resolve has allowed all their clients to access support and services that have been unique to allow them to solve their problems more easily.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has been working with professionals who have prior experience in tax and estate litigation. With a dedicated system that delivers results within a short period, Cone Marshall has been attracting clients from other countries. These clients include attorneys and professionals who come with complex cases that are presented by their customers.


Technology has played a key role in developing the firm to become successful. Cone Marshall embraced an online filing system that makes it possible for clients to launch their cases even from remote locations. The system has helped to streamline the resolution process, thereby allowing for faster handling of cases.


Focused leadership

All the changes and milestones Cone Marshall has achieved over the years are due to the good leaders the firm works with. There are professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades who offer solutions to various problems shared by clients.


Karen Marshall is one of the professionals whose presence at the firm speaks success. She has developed her career as a commercial litigation lawyer for more than two decades and her past experience include working with leading law firms in London. She was appointed to hold a leadership position as the principal of Cone Marshall in 2006. During all the time she has worked at Cone Marshall, Karen has received support from Geoffrey Cone, the most experienced lawyer in the firm and a founding member.

Geoffrey Cone: New Zealand Engages in Sound Taxing Procedures

For so long, the media coverage has illustrated New Zealand foreign trusts as complex systems involving affluent individuals and multifaceted financial transactions. However, Geoff Cone has debunked these perceptions and hinted that just as other things associated with tax, foreign trusts are a little more mundane. If New Zealand maintains its current taxing laws and systems, there are slim chances of it appearing on the OECD’s tax havens list.


How to identify tax havens


  • They administer no or solely nominal taxes


  • They are unaccountable



  • They do not exchange information with other countries or governments.


According to Cone, none of those grounds can be used to describe New Zealand. Additionally, the country has an open financial sector. It featured on the OECD’s white list as one of the top nations after it implemented the globally agreed tax standard.


New Zealand is a hub of tax accountability


The nation has led by an example by handling foreign trusts in an open and genuine way. It ensures all information on registered trusts is readily available to other governments. The rules imposed in 2006, requires trustees to submit the IR607 form. The trustees are also required to maintain detailed financial and other valuable records. All records and document should be filed in English and kept in New Zealand. After the implementation of the global standard money laundering law in 2011, these rules became more effective.


Geoffrey Cone


Geoffrey Cone earned his honors degree in law and a higher diploma in Trust law from the New Zealand-headquartered University of Otago. He began his law career with Russell McVeagh and eventually the Christchurch-based Lane Neave Ronaldson. After serving as a corporate litigation professional for British West Indies for a span of two years, he relocated to New Zealand. Following a short stint at the Simpson Grierson law firm, he began Cone Marshall (his private practice) in 1999. Cone Marshall prides itself as the only law company headquartered in New Zealand that provides tax planning and foreign trust service.


Before venturing into private practice in 1999, Geoff Cone was a specialist in tax, trust, and commercial litigation. He handled cases at various levels of courts in New Zealand. Geoff Cone is a talented writer who has published articles in internationally recognized trust magazines and journals search as Trusts &Trustees, New Zealand Law Journal, and Rothschild Trust Review. He has played an instrumental role in the authoring of World Trusts Survey, International Trusts Guide, International Trusts Disputes, and Trident Guide to Foreign Trusts.