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How Securus Technologies Helps Prisons Stay Safe, And Why That Should Be The Top Priority

Once in a while, when I start to read about a complex matter such as our criminal justice system, I get a bit overwhelmed. I start to get caught up in the little nitty-gritty facts, and forget about what should be the priority in the matter. When it comes to the intersection of communication, technology, business and our prison systems there are many things to consider. I believe that when we talk about this collision of topics, the word that should be in the front of our minds is “safety”.


Recently I read an article about Securus Technologies, published by PR Newswire. It was very enlightening. The article shared that Securus Technology’s products play a big role in keeping prison’s safe. The customer testimonies highlighted the many ways that using Securus products within their facilities had improved the prison environment. The customers said that not only were staff members safer, but so were inmates. Phone monitoring systems were able to lower rates of contraband within the prison walls, which is itself a major safety issue. In addition crimes were prevented, corrupt staff members caught, and key information for unsolved cases were uncovered.


In addition to keeping prisons safe, Securus also plays a role in keeping the community at large outside of a prison safe. When crimes are successfully solved, a criminal enters into the correctional system and is kept separate from society, instead of being a part of the community, free to strike again. This is a vital role that Securus plays, and can not be overlooked. According to the human being’s hierarchy of needs, survival is number one. Improving the safety of our communities is vital to survival. Safety must be our number one concern for other reasons besides the foundation need to survive. If the prison systems are not safe, no one would willingly work in them. We need our officers of the law to feel safe when they are at work. In this area, Securus helps greatly, as the customer testimonies show.

Securus Technologies is Playing a Major Role in Crime Prevention

As one of the most successful providers of criminal justice technology, it comes as no surprise that Securus Technologies is receiving praise from their customers. In a recent publication, Securus released customer comments and reviews related to use of technology to solve and prevent crime. These services, provided by Securus Technologies, vary from monitored telephone calls and inmate email accounts, data reporting tools and, investigative tools and software. Prison officials say that the use of these services have significantly increased the safety within their facilities by making it easier to prevent and solve inmate on inmate crimes. Several customers cited the use of information obtained during recorded phone calls as significant factors in crime prevention, with some leading to the exposure of corrupt staff members.


Having the ability to monitor and record inmate and staff communication is vital in order to maintain a safe environment within the prison walls. With the help of Securus Technologies, corrections facilities are able to quickly track and intercept crimes before they occur, and rid the facility of staff members with ill intent.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the innovative company stretches its arms well beyond the lone star state. The variety of security features and software offered through Securus Technologies makes them one of the most trusted and sought out providers in corrections communication and technology. Currently servicing more than 3,400 public safety and law enforcement agencies, they are one of the largest and most reputable providers in the United States.


Richard Smith Steers Securus Technologies to Win the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Securus Technologies received the finalist honors for the 2017 Stevie Awards for sales and customer relations after shrugging off competition from over 2,300 nominations. This is quite an achievement bearing in mind that Securus deals with civil and criminal justice tech solutions that put it in constant partnership with investigators, law enforcers and correctional facilities.

The Stevie Award is testimony to Richard Smith’s efforts since he joined the company back in 2008. Securus Technologies has cemented its position as a reputable service provider who not only offers resilient solutions to law enforcers but is also that vital link between inmates and the outside world.

To Mr Smith, every inmate deserves a chance to talk to family or loved ones whenever they please. They are also eligible to great service at the cafeteria and be kept safe from malicious inmates. This philosophy resonates in all Securus Technologies solutions.

A recent survey conducted to have stakeholders share their views on incarceration facility technological solutions also proves that Rick Smith, and Securus Technologies, is more interested in making law enforcement and correctional facilities a safer place for everyone. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

About Richard Smith

His engineering background coupled with the MBA make him the perfect leadership material for technology based agencies like Securus. His strong character and the bravery to speak out whenever need there be has made him the perfect CEO who will go to the extremest but acceptable ends to protect the reputation of the company under his care in this otherwise volatile niche.

He has been the president and Chief Executive Office at Securus Technologies Inc for over 8 years now. Before working at Securus, Rick was the Eschelon Telecom President and Coo and he also holds a board membership position at Integra Telecom Co Ltd. His vast experience has made him the perfect person to stay at the very top of Securus Technology, a company that offers technological solutions to correctional facilities across the nation.


Wireless Containment Solution with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a pioneer in the provision of both civil and criminal justice technology-based solutions for investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Recently, the firm announced that it had activated an additional implementation of its reliable Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Recently, Securus Technologies went live with another facility and is currently preventing illegal, contraband mobile phones inside from accessing the commercial mobile network. The Securus’ solution will not only prevent unauthorized network access but will also collect the electronic identity of the illegal phones. In addition, the solution offers actionable intelligence and data to help correctional investigations teams solve and prevent crimes.


Richard A. Smith, the chief executive officer and chair of Securus Technologies, Inc. applauded the States, which are employing a proactive move towards their biggest security threat as well as preventing unauthorized communications. He additionally posited that the States implementing their Wireless Containment Solution were doing so as it fosters public safety. Rick noted that their teams were aggressively incorporating this world-class solution to aid correctional facilities manage and control contraband wireless and cellular devices in jails and prisons across the nation.


While other service providers tried out different managed access solutions, they failed to invest in technology and expertise thus the results were unsuccessful. The available industry solutions have only been able to identify cellular devices but fail to prevent them, thereby wasting money and time in addition to putting the public lives at risk including the inmate lives. The Wireless Containment Solution from Securus prevents and blocks any unauthorized calls from accessing the network where they could cause damages to prisoners, family, friends, officers, witnesses, victims and others in the society.


Securus’ solutions encompass proprietary technology, which manages and controls all unauthorized cellular and wireless devices in a prison-controlled area while giving authorized devices access to connectivity as stipulated by an agency. According to Smith, their solution has various features, which can be tailored and customized based on the different security policies of the different correctional agencies. In addition, Securus consistently listens to their correctional clients that contraband phones in the wrong hands represent the enormous threat that has as they foster continued criminal activities from jail.


Securus’ mission with their Wireless Containment Solution is to end illegal use and assist their clientele in ameliorating safety in and out of the facility walls. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Texas’ Dallas and is currently offering its reliable services to over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies. Across North America, Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million inmates, and it has continually committed itself to serving and connecting inmates with the outside world legally.


Securus Technologies Is Bringing Christmas To Those That Need It

Having family and friends around at Christmas can make all the difference in the world. That is because it is a time of togetherness. Many people like to celebrate with big dinners, and they exchange presents. All people have their customs and traditions during Christmas. For inmates in correction facilities, they are not allowed to take part in these types of events. Their spirits are deflated, and they feel alone. The company, Securus Technologies noticed this, and they created a way for them to take part in Christmas in another way. They invented the Christmas video visits for the inmates that cannot visit their families.


With the Christmas video visits, the prisoner can see and hear their family and loved ones on a screen. They can watch them as they open gifts, and have their holiday meal. It makes them feel a lot better to be able to take part in the holiday.


The company, Securus Technologies is always worried about the public’s safety. This is what they do, and they complete their duties to high levels of excellence. They want to make sure that the world is better and safe for people to live in.


When Securus Technologies gets involved, they make positive changes, and that is why they are in high demand with companies all over the country. The company is always devise better ways to this, and they create innovative solutions on a weekly basis, making them the best in their industry. . Their employees are experts, and they are dedicated to completing each mission that they are sent on to perfection. It is their goal to make the world a safer and better place for people to live in.