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FreedomPop Offers Their Customers Great Service Options

FreedomPop offers proprietary devices or you can use your own device if it is Sprint compatible. If you use the free plan and get close to your limit you will be sent a notification at which time you can opt out of an automatic ten dollar top up. You can also go with the $.02 per additional MB data plan. If you get your friends to sign up with the service you will get an additional ten MB per month in data. There is also the option to pay for your services by taking surveys, downloading apps, and completing offers.


If you decide to pay for your services you can pay $5 monthly for Wi-Fi calling. You can also choose the $10.99 monthly unlimited talk and text options that comes with 500 MB of data. You have the choice of using the cellular network or using Wi-Fi talk and text.


There is also the $20 monthly with unlimited talk and text that comes with 1GB of data. On this plan, if you exceed your 1 GB your speeds are slowed from 4G to 3G.


They also offer internet options. You have to purchase a Mi-Fi device from them that ranges in price from around $40 to $130. You can get the free 500 MB plan or get the $3.99 500 MB pro plan that uses both 4G and 3G. The 2 GB Premium is $19.99 and uses 3G and 4G services.


FreedomPop is one of the most revolutionary internet and cell phone service providers and they have built a successful business by giving their customers affordable options to obtain their cell phone and internet service needs.