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One Fund To Rule Them All

– How The Soros Fund Changed The World

Being in charge of the money of others is a stressful job. Just read one autobiography of any prominent Wall Street figure, and you will know. As fickle as the markets are, hedge fund managers face the same difficulties when trading other people’s money. And all of this is necessary. Not one financial mogul can escape it.

In that case, how does a fund the like the Soros Fund change the landscape while beating the market year after year? The answer to this is by no means simple. It started with a simple university education for George Soros. He then took that education and made something of himself. At this time, he was mentored and employed in London.

Here is also where he made a name for himself. Before starting the Soros Fund, George had to achieve something substantial. And that’s just what he did. After changing the markets of Europe and becoming rich by it, he then began this mutual fund that his name is recognized through and to this day. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

But Just Imagine Life without George Soros

There’s not a fund yet that compares to what George Soros alone built.

Though George Soros retired from the financial industry as a full-time profession, his words still influence all society. It’s Mr. Soros’ family who now operates the business as he stands back and watches.

As romantic as that may sound, George is still heavily involved in the work.

When opportunities arise and needs must be met, all it takes is for this one man to utter the right words and an entire economy will be moved. So if we consider that this type of influence no longer exists, what we see is a large void. Learn more on about George Soros.

What We Can Learn In The End

With power and influence comes a great responsibility. It’s therefore important that the right people are in place who have this influence. Today, we learned of and spoke of the great influencer George Soros. This man came from a lowly past. He sought a better life. In time, this is what came to him and with exceptional results.

After being able to do for himself what he wished for other, he committed his life to charity. The influence of George Soros then grew but only affected the world and in the most positive manner we know.

Let this legacy and name continue and the lessons we learn remain clear.

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End Citizens United: An Organization Working To Give The People Of America A Voice For Change

In 2010, a ruling was passed by the United States Supreme Court, which was called Citizens United. Contrary to the name, it did anything but divide the citizens of America. According to the ruling, big business and people in business could now invest into political parties, without having their motives questioned. The decision allowed these large organizations to receive tax exemption, which means that now political parties were now being used by these influential people as a method of mitigation. This gave way to a lot more than what the people expected it to do. Soon, investments into political parties grew, with individuals with a lot of money lining up and using this as a method to safeguard their property. The corruption within the political systems started growing tremendously, with people dangling the prospect of money in front of political parties to get them to do what they want. In light of all of this happening, people all over the country started to protest against citizens united.


End Citizens United was an organization that was formed as a result of this ruling. With the recent political scene in the United States, numerous people have been coming forward to protest against certain individuals in the political systems and have been questioning their ability to lead the masses. The fact is that individual members of the current ruling party have only attained this position by donating money to the parties. End Citizens United is an organization working to put an end to this injustice that is going on in the system. Since its inception, End Citizens United has gained a lot of public recognition with numerous people coming forward in support of this cause. People believe that the ruling of the supreme court should be overturned and America should go back to the system that it originally followed. The people want transparency in the system and End Citizens United is working to attain this. Within the past one year, the organization has raised millions of dollars in their fight against these unjust systems.


End Citizens United identifies themselves as being a democratic organization, that is in support of the Democratic Party. One of the things that are standing in the way of the ruling being overturned is the Republican Party. End Citizens United believes that through the removal of certain members of the government, the country will be able to fight back against this aptly. However, even though the people want to fight against this, they feel that they aren’t wealthy and powerful enough to do so. End Citizens United aims to give these people a voice so that they can fearlessly go out and express their need for change in the government.