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Who’s Talking About NYC Properties


When people talk about NYC properties, there is always a buzz. What’s new? Who is building it? Who Wants it? There is never a lack of interest. Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies, one of the largest private real estate development firms is excited about Hudson Yards, 28 acres on the West Side of Manhattan. People want everything they need right outside their doors, work, play, dining, entertainment and services. They want to move in and start living and not worry about having to travel to other neighborhoods for what they need.

Ziel Feldman of HFZ Capital Group developers of The Marquand, One Madison and The Astor, is now active in West Chelsea on the Architectural Mile. New mixed use areas for work, play, services, dining and shopping that appeal to those seeking NYC properties are in development such as 76 Eleventh Avenue.


One of the best companies to help people find these places is Town Residential. This prime real estate company has its fingers on the pulse of New York and knows all the neighborhoods people want to live in. Their agents and representatives can find you just about anything you want. To browse the apartments they have for rent in New York City, go to their website at Look through the tabs and especially their neighborhoods and experience for yourself the magic of their talent and expertise.


My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home is a motto they live by. If you are looking for the latest chic, most luxurious and popular places to live, they know about it. Browse their current listings and see what appeals to you. Are you looking for the most popular area with the best views or something off the beaten path? Let them show you some excellent options you may not have thought of before. As one of the most popular places to work in New York, you can expect the best service from the best in the business. Come see what makes them tick!