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Jim Hunt: How to Break the Chains of Magical Thinking and Start to Think Rationally


Since financial matters are paramount, people should plan early to avoid disappointments in future. Today, most people are not aware of how to save to plan for their retirement and probably get a mortgage. The way people view saving and planning for retirement is quite alarming since they do not seem to think it is important. Most people have subjected themselves to magical thinking when it comes to financial matters. This kind of thinking has made people overlook what is important.

People who are categorized as magical thinkers are those who play a lottery thinking they will win, and this will solve their money issues. Magical thinkers believe in the odds of winning such that they keep trying even when the odds dictate that they will lose. These people do not critically think about what is important in their lives and, therefore, they fail to plan when and where to go after they retire. This is quite risky in that failure to save enough may result in borrowing, especially in times of emergency. Breaking the chains of magical thinking is important since it opens one to making an intelligent decision. One of the ways of breaking the bonds of magical thinking is to consult financial gurus such as Jim Hunt. Hunt advises people on how to save and invest on the things that matter most.


VTA Publications Ltd and CEO Jim Hunt


VTA Publications Ltd is a company that deals in the publishing of non-fiction materials for distance learning. The firm provides catering services as well as economic and financial services. This company was formed in 2012, and it has since served clients across the globe delivering top-notch digital and physical information.


Hunt has the skill of identifying prospective market trends and predicting the performance of various commodities in the stock exchange. He launched a program called “Wealth Wave” that encourages people to invest. The program has ten steps that guide interested individuals towards making millions in the stock market, and you can read more about that on PR Newswire.