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Help Save Alabama Sea Turtles While On Vacation

So many people who value eco-consciousness and conservation spend portions of their time volunteering for various centers and causes close to their hearts. At the same time, many like to spend at least some of their free time on a vacation to some interesting locale. That is why a new term was coined, and it is voluntouring which is a hybrid of part vacation and part giving back to the planet.


One of the greatest places to take on such voluntouring is the Gulf Coast of the beautiful state of Alabama. That is an amazing place where, and a great many sea turtles call it their home while they take to the beaches for nesting. Three out of the seven extant species of marine turtles can be found on the coasts of the Yellowhammer State. These are the Loggerhead, Kemps Ridley and green. Of particular interest is that the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Coast are the only regions where the Kemps Ridley sea turtle makes its habitat.


A special program called “Share The Beach” allows hundreds of volunteers to help out with the endangered and threatened species by taking a turn. The percentage of hatchling success has been increased through such great hearts, and other tasks such as searching for nests and educating the public are also part of the duties done. Anyone who wants to make a vacation to the Alabama coast and help out with the turtle nesting season during part of their stay is encouraged to give them a call or visit online.


Wild Ark is a great organization that is giving so much back to the planet in their unique way as well. The stated mission is to secure parts of the discovered green belts because there is just so much diversity and amazing in those parts. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson founded the group, and they have already helped so many places and educated segments of society about the important of conservationism. So many of the Wild Ark travel destinations have incredible ecosystems which need a little help from the humans who share the world with them, and so they are great to check out online as well.


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