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Brian Bonar Talks 2016 Financial Report For Trucept And Company’s Future

Brian Bonar had started TRUCEPT Inc. about four years ago as a subsidiary of his parent company, the Dalrada Financial Corporation and he’s pleased with the financial reports for the company in 2016 that have recently come out.

According to PRNewswire, Trucept had increased its net income profits over 500% since 2015 and had turned $3.8 million in 2016. Currently he is working to reduce tax and other liabilities for the company as well as cutting down basic operational expenses, a goal that the company itself has for its own customers.

Brian Bonar didn’t start out in cost reduction and financial structuring with Trucept. He’s managed the financing and technical aspects of many other companies since joining IBM UK back in 1968. After completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, Bonar went to work at IBM UK managing the distribution of motherboards and other critical hardware components to customers all over the globe.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar also was involved in software development and engineering for quality managed service products at QMS and later took the experience gained there to printer and copier hardware manufacturing. Bonar was also a pioneer in SCSI disk technology and while running Bezier Systems, the company developed a SCSI printer.

Brian Bonar’s executive work came when he helped found the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994, though at the time it was known as ITEC Imaging Technologies Inc. The company originally marketed and sold office equipment and printing hardware, but Bonar saw an opportunity to build upon that and not only sell or rent out the equipment to customers, but to also provide staffing solutions to go with it.

Outsourced staffing and human resource departments had been outsourced before, but Bonar decided to form specialized partnerships with small business owners that could provide them accesses to office resources while also giving them qualified workers. So he helped start SourceOne, the Solvis Group and later Smart-Tek Solutions to bring together automated technology with accounting functions.

Brian business resume also includes the purchase of several restaurants across San Diego County. Bonar loves tasty cuisines and loves to try quaint dishes from foreign countries, and he decided to add to the diversity of the areas bistros when he bought Bellamy’s in 2013.

Managing this upscale restaurant is Patrick Ponsaty, a cook who has won many awards and honorary titles including Master Chef of France and made appearances on television.

Brian Bonar’s Successful Financial Career

There is no denying the fact that Brian Bonar is a highly venerated individual. The recipient of Cambridge’s “Executive of the Year” Award is a busy investment guru but always finds time to share his broad knowledge on financial and investment matters. He is currently the CEO, Chairman and Principal Accounting Officer of Trucept, Inc.

Bonar has worked for other companies, such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he experienced great success. Nevertheless, his technical background can account for part of Bonar’s astounding breakthrough in financial matters. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. He further pursued Engineering to the next level by attaining a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar’s technical background has enabled him to create effective business structures. This has been clearly evident in the various companies he has worked for. In QMS, he took the position of the Director of Engineering and successfully managed more than 100 employees. He also worked as a Sales Manager for Adaptec before he made the decision to play his own game. He started a company named Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar excels in mergers and acquisitions due to his personable and creative approach to life. He also manages to combine the genius of a professional engineer with the high-tech power of an architect to move businesses to the next level. Evidence of his business acumen abounds in the managerial and creative genius he displays at Trucept Incorporated.

Trucept has its headquarters in Escondido, California. The services available in this company include human resource administration, processing of employee benefits and payroll management. The company helps small and medium-size companies by completing some tasks for them. The businesses can then focus on other aspects of their management as Trucept handles their human resource challenges.

Other services offered by Trucept include packages that help companies manage their payroll and taxation needs. Client businesses also benefit from Trucept services by assisting them to keep and maintain their human resource records. Risk management, a critical issue for many startups, is another area of specialization for Trucept.

Brian Bonar is a man with many skills. He specializes in angel investing, management consulting, contract negotiation and marketing techniques. His other skills include strategic partnerships, private equity, contract negotiation and process improvement. Bonar’s is also gifted in due diligence, sales, competitive assessment, business planning, and restructuring.

That Brian Bonar possesses excellent business skills and knowledge cannot be disputed. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have time for family and social matters.