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Kim Dao Explains She Thinks Cats Don’t Like Her Because of Yuki

Kim Dao went to a friend’s house and met her cat, a Himalayan. When Kim Dao tried to go to her, the cat ran under the chair. Kim Dao thinks that the cat probably smells Yuki on her and it is repelling to the ┬ácat. Kim Dao did finally get to hold the cat that looked out and didn’t react to Kim Dao one way or another.


Earlier in the video, Kim Dao was in her bedroom, in her parents’ place, petting Yuki, who was nibbling on a rubber bone. At some point, she tried to nibble at Kim Dao’s beef burrito, and she told Yuki it wasn’t for her. Kim Dao played a little with a handheld video game that she hadn’t played with in over a year.


Kim Dao drove to meet her boyfriend, Eric, for breakfast at E’tempo di Caffe where she ordered smashed avacado and an egg. Eric had a cappuccino and a similar dish to Kim Dao’s with poached egg. Eric was going to go work while Kim Dao stayed at his house and played with his fast internet.

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After a full day, Kim Dao came home to play with Yuki. She says she is going to go back to Japan the next day. Yuki mostly stays with Kim Dao’s parents when she is Japan. This trip she spent time taking yuki to dog parks. On her last night in Australia, Kim Dao and Eric went to Gusto for some icecream, even Yuki came along.


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