How Securus Technologies Helps Prisons Stay Safe, And Why That Should Be The Top Priority

Once in a while, when I start to read about a complex matter such as our criminal justice system, I get a bit overwhelmed. I start to get caught up in the little nitty-gritty facts, and forget about what should be the priority in the matter. When it comes to the intersection of communication, technology, business and our prison systems there are many things to consider. I believe that when we talk about this collision of topics, the word that should be in the front of our minds is “safety”.


Recently I read an article about Securus Technologies, published by PR Newswire. It was very enlightening. The article shared that Securus Technology’s products play a big role in keeping prison’s safe. The customer testimonies highlighted the many ways that using Securus products within their facilities had improved the prison environment. The customers said that not only were staff members safer, but so were inmates. Phone monitoring systems were able to lower rates of contraband within the prison walls, which is itself a major safety issue. In addition crimes were prevented, corrupt staff members caught, and key information for unsolved cases were uncovered.


In addition to keeping prisons safe, Securus also plays a role in keeping the community at large outside of a prison safe. When crimes are successfully solved, a criminal enters into the correctional system and is kept separate from society, instead of being a part of the community, free to strike again. This is a vital role that Securus plays, and can not be overlooked. According to the human being’s hierarchy of needs, survival is number one. Improving the safety of our communities is vital to survival. Safety must be our number one concern for other reasons besides the foundation need to survive. If the prison systems are not safe, no one would willingly work in them. We need our officers of the law to feel safe when they are at work. In this area, Securus helps greatly, as the customer testimonies show.