How To Have A Wine Tasting Event In Your Home

Are you struggling to have another wine tasting event take place in your home? Are you not so sure where to have it? The truth is that wine tasting events are great and can be just what you need if you want to get yourself out there and making more.

The key when being a part of the Traveling Vineyard is to have multiple events throughout the month. Having them in your own house means you can save money on renting out a spot and also gives you the opportunity to just have all this freedom.


The first step to having a successful wine tasting event is to make sure that you are going out there and really getting yourself moving. You want to have time to get yourself accustomed to getting your home ready for the event. The thing is to clear out all the space. Your living room is the ideal place for it in the long run because you have so much space for people. Having small tall tables is great because then you can have people spread out throughout the place for the event. The best thing to do is buy small plastic tables that are high up that are made for wine tasting parties. These give off a very professional and unique feel.

Wine tasting events in your own home do involved a lot of organization. You cannot just clean it out and expect it to be quality ready. The right lighting, the perfect amount of wine tasting glasses, the wine, and everything else in between all come in to play to give off the perfect experience for you and your guests. There’s a lot of people who miss out on having good and efficient events because they don’t plan it out all in advance. The key is to know what you’ll be doing and what drinks you’re mainly going to have the room of people taste for that night. Try to avoid opening up every bottle you have, but instead focus on like three or four bottles to share and eat them see what they like first.

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