Foresite Capital Makes Important Investment Decisions under the Guidance of Jim Tananbaum

ForeSite Capital is a healthcare equity firm. The company offers growth to emerging leaders in healthcare. The main headquarters of the firm is in San Francisco, and it has a branch in New York.

Recently, Foresite Capital announced that it had formed a partnership with Molly He, Ph.D. Dr. He is the former Illumina senior director and has more than fifteen year’s genomic and pharmaceutical research experience. In this position, Dr. He is responsible for improvement and innovation of the company’s protein reagent. Dr. He studied bachelors in Biochemistry at Nankai University and also has a Ph.D. from the University of California in protein biophysics. Dr. He also served at Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences and was responsible for the development of protein reagent.

Dr. Molly has ten years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. During this period, she focused on molecule drugs and the antibody structural–based design that targets the immune system and cancer. So far, Dr. He has over twenty patent applications in personalized medicine and next generation sequencing and has published on Bloomberg more than twenty papers.

Molly is a respected scientific researcher when it comes to next-generation sequencing, and Jim Tananbaum is thrilled to welcome her to Foresite Capital. According to Jim, she will be resourceful at Foresite because of her good track record of quality leadership. She will be essential for the expansion and diversification of Forsite Capital’s transformational company portfolio. Dr. He has also confirmed that she is excited to join the Foresite Capital dynamic team and is delighted to get an opportunity to grow the sequencing portfolio which is possibly the breakthrough for drug discovery and clinical research.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and chief executive officer of Foresite Capital. He has invested assets worth $ 1.1 billion under management. Jim Tananbaum went to the medical school of Harvard and founded Geltex that brought into the market two drugs at less than $80 million. He was also the chief executive officer and founder of Theravance.

Jim Tananbaum has more than twenty years’ experience in healthcare investment. He co-founded two leading health care investment practices and two biopharmaceutical companies. Jim Tananbaum is a force to reckon in the healthcare industry.  Check out his full profile on

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The Residents Of North Carolina Trust Dr. Imran Haque And The Professional Services And Caring He Provides

Dr. Imran Haque is a respected medical physician in North Carolina. His fifteen years of experience have contributed to his reputation for being highly respected and attending to his patients with the utmost care. Dr. Imran Haque is a skilled practitioner of internal medicine and makes certain he is easily accessible to his patients. He is a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana where he earned his medical degree.


Dr. Imran Haque practices at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina and is a leader in consults and treatments for internal medicine. He is the primary care physician for patients in Ramseur and Asheboro, diagnoses a wide range of illnesses, gives advice regarding medical examinations and tests, and refers patients to a specialists when it is warranted.


Imran Haque provides services for his patients including 360 resurfacing, specialized diabetes services, weight management, physical examinations, and laser hair removal. His patients know he will provide them with the best possible services backed up with experience, expertise, knowledge, and skill.


Individuals who require medical attention trust Dr. Imran Haque because he has dedicated his career to providing quality services as a leader in internal medicine. He has worked hard building a reputation based on experience and professionalism and is the first choice for many of the local residents. He has the capability to diagnose the correct illness with a routine examination and excels at providing specific treatments necessary for the health of his patients.


Dr. Imran Haque works with numerous physicians to be able to provide current advice and information regarding Medicare. Many of his patients have received the cure they needed in his office due to the in-office ultrasound services and laboratory. His patients know when they visit his office they will receive professional care from an accredited physician who cares about their health and well being.

InnovaCare Health leadership in healthcare industry

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare management company globally due to its Innovative Health ideas, cheap medical models, and exemplary leaders such as Rick Shinto.In today’s health sector, the market is turning more complex and adapting technological innovations in providing affordable and effective services. InnovaCare Health has carved its niche in such a market.The company provides top-notch Medicare, Medicaid Advantage Plans, and Physician Practice Services.

InnovaCare Health Leadership

Just like other great companies, InnovaCare Health is blessed with experienced leaders like Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto, and Mike Sortino. Rick Shinto is the current President and CEO. He has extensive experience in managing healthcare operations and clinical services.Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto served as the;

Rick Shinto’s education background

Dr. Shinto has credible academic background that has enabled him to thrive in healthcare sector. This sector requires intellects with power to lead and drive changes through application of the knowledge in proving solution to social health problems.Dr. Shinto is an MBA holder from the University of Redlands and also M.D accredited by State University of New York based in Stony Brook. He did his Medical Tenure in Pulmonologist & Internist from the University of California.

Dr. Shinto’s awards

The MBA holder has received a lot of recognition at both national and international level. His contribution to health sector has received tremendous appreciation by the sector leaders.Western University awarded him ‘Access to Caring’ award due to his contribution in ensuring that the poor gain access to quality healthcare services.On their leadership arsenal, InnovaCare Health also has another experienced leader, who has been in forefront for over two decades in driving changes in the health industry.Penelope Kokkinides has worked with the government in providing Medicaid and Medicare. She is academically fit in this sector, with Master’s Degree in Social Work from the New York University, Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University School, and Degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides worked as COO of Touchstone Health, Disease Management at AmeriChoice, Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare.On her interview with, Penelope Kokkinides mentioned that she attributes her success to the team behind her. She said that their unity and interdependence had enabled them to be productive.Kokkinides appreciated how technology is bringing people close and transforming business. Due to her nature of work, she travels a lot, but technology enables her to stay connected with her relatives while executing her job responsibilities.Mike Sortino serves as Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare Health. He has worked with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company and CFO for over five years at HCC Specialty.The leadership of InnovaCare Health has added top-notch experience and skills to its already strong management.

InnovaCare Health

The company provides healthcare services in Puerto Rico with MMM Healthcare Inc (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice Inc as its subsidiaries. The company as manages Government Health Plan (GHP) Medicaid Plan in Puerto Rico.Recently the company announced partnership with Health Care Learning and Action Network (LAN), a program seeking to reform payment models on the basis of quality and not quantity.

How Securus Technologies Helps Prisons Stay Safe, And Why That Should Be The Top Priority

Once in a while, when I start to read about a complex matter such as our criminal justice system, I get a bit overwhelmed. I start to get caught up in the little nitty-gritty facts, and forget about what should be the priority in the matter. When it comes to the intersection of communication, technology, business and our prison systems there are many things to consider. I believe that when we talk about this collision of topics, the word that should be in the front of our minds is “safety”.


Recently I read an article about Securus Technologies, published by PR Newswire. It was very enlightening. The article shared that Securus Technology’s products play a big role in keeping prison’s safe. The customer testimonies highlighted the many ways that using Securus products within their facilities had improved the prison environment. The customers said that not only were staff members safer, but so were inmates. Phone monitoring systems were able to lower rates of contraband within the prison walls, which is itself a major safety issue. In addition crimes were prevented, corrupt staff members caught, and key information for unsolved cases were uncovered.


In addition to keeping prisons safe, Securus also plays a role in keeping the community at large outside of a prison safe. When crimes are successfully solved, a criminal enters into the correctional system and is kept separate from society, instead of being a part of the community, free to strike again. This is a vital role that Securus plays, and can not be overlooked. According to the human being’s hierarchy of needs, survival is number one. Improving the safety of our communities is vital to survival. Safety must be our number one concern for other reasons besides the foundation need to survive. If the prison systems are not safe, no one would willingly work in them. We need our officers of the law to feel safe when they are at work. In this area, Securus helps greatly, as the customer testimonies show.

How To Have A Wine Tasting Event In Your Home

Are you struggling to have another wine tasting event take place in your home? Are you not so sure where to have it? The truth is that wine tasting events are great and can be just what you need if you want to get yourself out there and making more.

The key when being a part of the Traveling Vineyard is to have multiple events throughout the month. Having them in your own house means you can save money on renting out a spot and also gives you the opportunity to just have all this freedom.


The first step to having a successful wine tasting event is to make sure that you are going out there and really getting yourself moving. You want to have time to get yourself accustomed to getting your home ready for the event. The thing is to clear out all the space. Your living room is the ideal place for it in the long run because you have so much space for people. Having small tall tables is great because then you can have people spread out throughout the place for the event. The best thing to do is buy small plastic tables that are high up that are made for wine tasting parties. These give off a very professional and unique feel.

Wine tasting events in your own home do involved a lot of organization. You cannot just clean it out and expect it to be quality ready. The right lighting, the perfect amount of wine tasting glasses, the wine, and everything else in between all come in to play to give off the perfect experience for you and your guests. There’s a lot of people who miss out on having good and efficient events because they don’t plan it out all in advance. The key is to know what you’ll be doing and what drinks you’re mainly going to have the room of people taste for that night. Try to avoid opening up every bottle you have, but instead focus on like three or four bottles to share and eat them see what they like first.

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Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California in the year 1988 as a daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. She joined Scripps College in 2006 up to the year 2010 where she graduated with a Bachelor of Art, in studio art. Julia later joined Stanford Summer Institute of General Management where she studied Summer Certificate in 2010.

At her tender age, Julia had began to grow interest in the wine business. She can still remember how her father would make kids pick and sort grapes while he explained to them the importance of working hard. Her father made sure they appreciated what it takes to be successful. During summer, after school, Julia worked at several family wineries. In the process, a lifelong bond was made with the daughter of one of the winemaker employed by the family and who could speak French. Their friendship led her into learning French, and she then began to love the culture to date. Being in France and learning the French art of wine-making was an important point in her life. Her eloquence in the language led her to teach French to the sixth-graders. Learn more about Julia at Crunchbase.

Wine empire

Cambria Estate Winery, which was established in 1987 by Jackson’s mother, together with the Jackson Family Wine is what led to her father’s success. Julia sees her mother as a role model because she runs the company. With the inspiration in 2014, Julia founded Cambria Seed of Empowerment, a program to celebrate warrior women who have overcome life’s hardships and are inspiring others in the community to do the same.

In 1982 when Jess Jackson produced his first Chardonnay, he wanted to create the wine that people of all levels could enjoy. Thirty years later, the family owned and operated Kendall-Jackson as the most trusted and celebrated wineries in the world. Kendall- Jackson owns more than 12,000 acres of the mountains, hillsides, and benches of California’s, coastal sub-regions throughout Sonoma, Napa, Monterey, and Mendocino counties.

Other brands from the Jacksons Family Wines includes Arrowood, Cenyth, Fortress, Capture, La Crema, Liberated and Matanzas Creek.

Betsy Devos Talks about Education Reforms in America

Betsy Devo’s philanthropic work began more than three decades ago while she was still a student. The young Betsy participated in campus politics, and she has remained politically active years after her graduation. Betsy Devos has led a lot of campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. That includes six years where she chaired the Michigan Republican Party.Most of the people who have been close to Betsy usually describe her as a strong and outspoken woman who is actively committed to social reforms. The reformation tendency runs deep in the family. Besides being active in politics, Betsy is also a renowned businesswoman who has built a vast fortune over the years. Betsy chairs the Windquest Group, a company that focuses on technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. She co-founded Windquest Group with her husband, Dick in 1989.

Betsy Devos pursues her philanthropic and reformation agenda by playing a variety of non-profit roles. She chairs the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which has been championing various philanthropic causes in Michigan and America as a whole. Besides, Betsy is also a member of some National and local boards that include Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She is one of the renowned advocates for reformation of the education sector in the U.S. Betsy chairs the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice. Philanthropy recently caught up with her during an interview where she spoke on some issues.Betsy Devos has spent a huge part of her life in philanthropic efforts, which mostly touches on education in Michigan and school choice. During the interview, Betsy noted that she is impressed by the progress of the school choice movement.

The movement has seen more than 250,000 students get admissions in 33 publicly funded, private choice programs.Betsy Devos notes that she became part of the motion that at one point was seen as being radical when they had school-age children. Betsy and her husband Dick visited the Potter’s House Christian School, which mainly serves a part of the Grand Rapids which has a significant number of low-income families. Betsy and her husband were moved by the situation at the institution, and since then they committed to helping individual students at the school.Betsy Devos commitment to educational reforms is well articulated through their Family Foundation. The Foundation’s giving is firmly anchored in faith and focuses on leveraging support, accelerating changes and promoting leadership in five main areas, namely arts, community, justice, and education leadership. By the year 2015, the Devos Family Foundation had given out more than $11.6 million which saw the foundation ranked 24th among the America’s top charitable givers.

Get away from Grain with Beneful

Long ago, our canine companions were hunting companions, and they ate the hunted meat as their primary source of nutrition. As our society became more modern and industrialized, hunting decreased, and these four-legged companions started eating whatever their owners fed them. With industrialization, an entire dog food industry sprang up. This industry grew, and it became popular to include grains such as corn and wheat in the dog food. Reasons for this vary, but it helped bind the food together and it kept costs down. Lots of dog food full of grain is sold today, but it’s no secret that most dogs prefer to eat meat instead of grains.

Beneful grain free dog food gives your furry friend exactly what they want. You won’t find grain anywhere in the recipe for Beneful grain free dog food. Instead, the ingredient list for Beneful grain free dog food includes farm raised chicken, blueberries, spinach, pumpkin, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Grain free food can lead to a happier canine companion. Other benefits that may be realized as well include a healthier skin, shinier coat, and an increase in energy. Benefits abound from buying Beneful grain free. So, the next time you’re in the dog food aisle, do your dog a favor and check out Beneful grain free.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to Support Human, Immigrants and Civil Rights Organisations

Early May this year, delegates from all over the world met at United Nations in Geneva Switzerland. They began a process of negotiating global impact on migration. The delegates from different countries hope that they establish the very first United Nations agreement that would cover all dimensions of international migration.

The undertaking came at a time when migration policies and nationalism are becoming antagonistic. During the initiative, delegates were reminded that though the global compact aims at formalizing migrant’s rights, those rights are already existing.

There are treaties, international law and other sources of law that have outlined important migration policies.

Migrants are eligible to human rights by their humanity. Just because they do not live in their country of birth does not mean they become less human beings. The migration laws do not provide sufficient clarity, and most countries do not consistently respect these laws. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The international migrant’s bill of rights was established to guide on how international law applies to migrants. The organization alone does not significantly advocate for the rights of migrants.

There are, therefore, many groups and organizations that fight for human rights. The rights in question include human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. These organizations are found all over the world and are determined to ensure the rights of the above groups are respected.

The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights
The organization is based in California; it was founded with the aim of fighting for immigrant individuals and families. They are agents towards the achievement of right for human rights participation in democracy. One of their agendas is to create a society that appreciates all people, citizens, and immigrants.

The group performs its duties by changing public opinion and creating a power changing policy for human, immigrants and civil rights.

The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project
The group is committed to protecting the civil rights of immigrants. Through outreach, advocacy and litigation, they are dedicated to realizing human rights of immigrants. They carry out litigation programs in the country through the district as well as supreme courts. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Amazon Watch
It is another group that works with environmental organizations and indigenous groups in the advancement of migrant’s rights. The organization is based in Sans Francisco; it was formed after the continued growth of large-scale oil and gas development projects.

The advocates for human rights
The agents for change in local, regional and global level are at the forefront of human rights in the world. The group has been fighting for human rights for more than 30 years; they enjoy the support of volunteers, partners, and staff in execution of human rights international standards.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Michael and Jim were awarded $3.75 million. The funds were a settlement for their arrest on October 2007 by Maricopa County.

The two were arrested for revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings on articles covering the sheriff.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is devoted to helping groups that advocate for human , migrants and civil rights. Other groups that will benefit from the fund are those that support freedom of speech and civic participation all over Arizona-Mexican border.

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Michael Lacey

One Fund To Rule Them All

– How The Soros Fund Changed The World

Being in charge of the money of others is a stressful job. Just read one autobiography of any prominent Wall Street figure, and you will know. As fickle as the markets are, hedge fund managers face the same difficulties when trading other people’s money. And all of this is necessary. Not one financial mogul can escape it.

In that case, how does a fund the like the Soros Fund change the landscape while beating the market year after year? The answer to this is by no means simple. It started with a simple university education for George Soros. He then took that education and made something of himself. At this time, he was mentored and employed in London.

Here is also where he made a name for himself. Before starting the Soros Fund, George had to achieve something substantial. And that’s just what he did. After changing the markets of Europe and becoming rich by it, he then began this mutual fund that his name is recognized through and to this day. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

But Just Imagine Life without George Soros

There’s not a fund yet that compares to what George Soros alone built.

Though George Soros retired from the financial industry as a full-time profession, his words still influence all society. It’s Mr. Soros’ family who now operates the business as he stands back and watches.

As romantic as that may sound, George is still heavily involved in the work.

When opportunities arise and needs must be met, all it takes is for this one man to utter the right words and an entire economy will be moved. So if we consider that this type of influence no longer exists, what we see is a large void. Learn more on about George Soros.

What We Can Learn In The End

With power and influence comes a great responsibility. It’s therefore important that the right people are in place who have this influence. Today, we learned of and spoke of the great influencer George Soros. This man came from a lowly past. He sought a better life. In time, this is what came to him and with exceptional results.

After being able to do for himself what he wished for other, he committed his life to charity. The influence of George Soros then grew but only affected the world and in the most positive manner we know.

Let this legacy and name continue and the lessons we learn remain clear.

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